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Okay, amending that last post :)

Joe Flanigan has come back to the New Jersey Creation Con! Don't how it happened, not going to question it, but he's scheduled for Sunday. Okay, now things are looking up (although having both Jason and Joe on the stage the same day would have been fantastic).

Also, latest official Stargate magazine is coming out on Halloween, which means I'll see if I can grab that at the con. David Hewlett on the cover; definitely worth it, plus Dex too. Wonder what will happen to the magazine now that SG1 is toast, er, well, an ex-series?? But it can carry on until at least season 10 finishes up.

Update: I just found this issue in a local Barnes & Noble, so either Halloween has come and gone, or MGM was off on its own shipping date. Doesn't bother me. :)

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