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Stargate Atlantis review: "Infection" *SPOILERS ahead!*

A spoiler-ridden review for Stargate Atlantis episode "Infection," which aired on December 4th, not to be confused with "Identity," which airs December 12th. (What is IT with these one name titles??)

AFter last week's not so great episode (sorry, the medical stuff STILl bugged me when I watched the repeat earlier tonight, it was great to see a more coherent, tightly scripted episode with "Infection."

> Sheppard going dark side, sorta. He was all set to just blow Todd and the hive out of the sky. After Todd seized the Daedalus, well, Shep obviously didn't trust him, and had no compunction in exterminating the rest of the wraith in hibernation, even though they could no longer suck you dry, but they could chew a few holes in you.
> Shep whump - when the wraith drone attacked him, although I really thought a guy of that size could have done a better job of scratching the colonel. Oh well.
> Lorne didn't die. (one can never tell)
> Teyla got more dialogue and had stuff to do.
> Okay, it's simplistic, but I do love it when Ronon is gleeful about wraith croaking.
> Todd isn't dead. I do want him dead, but not at the moment

Meh parts:
> Sorry, when is Keller going to get over this 'crisis of confidence' stuff? Bu tI suuppose on the good side she didn't easily pull the solution out of a hat at the last minute. 
> Sorry, the rubbing shoulders stuff with McKay and Keller - imminent death on the horizon - not the time for that. I dont' mind the pair together but hey, they're on duty *cough*

Now, since the crashed wraith ship is infested with the virus, doesn't anybody worry that this virus might mutate into the environment, thus creating giant man-eating crabs? (And that was a really good bad movie in case you've never seen it).

Overall, big thumbs up, especially for the gap at the end - where we discover that Sheppard was unconscious by the time the rescue folk found him, which means fanfic writers can gleefully run riot with whump tales - I mean, yes, he dind' thave to be knocked out instantly. Could have passed out after having a girder atop him, or something..
Tags: review, season 5, stargate atlantis
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