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Wes Craven's "25/8" Films in Connecticut

Well, a blog is for blogging about stuff, mostly inane stuff, if you look at most blogs, so I must join in this inanity. So, no Stargate Atlantis in this entry, but I think I did meet a rising star J

More incredible, fantastic coverage on the filming of the Wes Craven horror flick “25/8”! Well, no, not really, as with the exception of two things, this is all ‘after the fact’ coverage. If you’re curious, and want to see precisely WHAT was in the trash (oh, the horrors!), click on the cut ;)

Photos and videos on 25/8
First “25/8 is a Wes Craven horror movie about a serial killer who returns to his hometown to stalk seven children who share the same birthday as the date he was allegedly put to rest,” according to stuff I’ve read in the press. Judging from listing at IMDB, I don’t think it’s a film I’ll run out to see. I like horror movie where monsters eat people. But anyhoohow, why waste the photos I took?

This is the blue screen, or whatever it’s called, sitting out in the middle of the pretty big field at Cranbury Park in Norwalk, CT. It was just there, I guess, while they didn’t need to actually block the road (Kenset). Taken 12/5/08 during production, but hey, I was only driving past, had to get to work (don’t think calling in to say “Not coming in, wanna hang around and watch a horror movie being filmed” would cut it with the boss).

A road sign just on the road, waiting to be collected by whoever (state? city?) It’s one of those large flashing neon ones, which flashed on Thursday night “road closed Friday 4am to 4pm, paving”, which made no sense, as they’d just paved, but wait, in this area they pave, rip up, pave again, all the time! Taken 12/6/08 after film crew is long gone.

The woods. Yes, you’ve seen it here first! They were filming around here. There was also a port-a-potty there this morning (which would have been an interesting shot had I had a camera handy) just there in the woods… 12/6/08

Just an old child’s wagon left in the woods, gathering rust and leaves. Maybe it’ll make a guest appearance in the movie in the distance ;)

About the only evidence left that a film crew had been there. Blue tape piece left taped to the road.

Back inside Cranbury Park, here’s all the trash they left behind (well, pretty sure it is but I wasn’t about to dumpster dive to check!) Let’s assume it is and go ‘oooh, ahhh! Trash of the stars!”) * cough cough *

Next, ohmygawd, yes, actual trash/tacky souvenier from the filming! One of the crew left it behind, and one can only hope he bought it locally to boost the ailing economy. $18.99 with 6% tax ;) This item was found where the big blue screen had been parked the day before. Ohmygod,should I have saved it? Put it on eBay? Decisions, decisions! Oh, my brain hurts! *cough* 

Yes, it’s cold enough that when they dumped a bucket of ice, it’s still ice at noon the next day.

And the ice pile made a neat picture close-up. Hmm, might turn it into a wallpaper for the PC…

Now, onward to videos!

First, well, a really, really brief snippet off the cable news about the filming. Shot with aiming a digital camera at the TV, so you’re not talking high quality.

Lastly, yes, the video you’ve been waiting for! …. When I went to the park, I parked, right next to a trash can. When I got out of the car, the trash can * moved *. Needless to say, just like in a horror film, I went over to investigate (although living in the ‘burbs, I was pretty certain I knew what was in it). So, click to see what you can find in suburban trash!

And it’s pretty obvious HOW the critter got into (and out of) the trash. Don’t you think this little guy just has potential to work in the movies? Can hide in dark places, runs fast, doesn’t mind the cold and doesn’t need craft services, just the trash! ;)

Anyway, two more videos off YouTube of actual intrepid folks with real videocameras taking pictures of exciting “25/8” filming in which stuff burns:


and some stuff on lake.

Video 2

And here's a short, REALLY short, video that I shot from my car driving past. You can barely see all the crew trucks over the stone wall. Really exciting, isn't it? Try not to laugh too hysterically ;) And yeah, that’s about it for “25/8.” I must admit the squirrel was the most exciting thing I saw!
And lastly... ohmygawd *flails arms* I have actually driven over a road that film crews have trod upon. I'll never wash my car's tires again! *bwaahahahah! cough* ;)


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