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Stargate Atlantis: Update on Jason Momoa

Update on the attack on Jason Momoa. Although no, nothing on him per se (as in medical stuff,as that's private), it is about the guy who smashed him in the face. Sorta shocking that this guy was free on the streets unti this morning when they put him back in custody due to the firearms case from the spring. Aieeee....

Man Pleads Not Guilty to Assaulting "Stargate Atlantis" Actor
Updated 12:51 PM PST, Wed, Dec 10, 2008

-- A Venice man who allegedly smashed a pint beer glass in the face of an actor from the TV show "Stargate Atlantis" pleaded not guilty Wednesday to assault with a deadly weapon.

Dominic Bando, 21, is accused of getting into a fight Nov. 15 with Jason Momoa at the Bird Cafe on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood and hitting him in the face with the beer glass, which shattered.


"In every bar fight, there's a minimum of two or three explanations about the events, and this is no exception," Blatt said outside court today.

Bando's attorney said he was trying to find out if any of the fight was caught on surveillance video.

Bando was freed on bail after his arrest, but Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Kristi Lousteau ordered him taken into custody Wednesday morning and held without bail in a firearm case from the city of San Fernando in which he was on probation.

Bando is due back in court in the downtown Los Angeles on Jan. 22, when a date is scheduled to be set for a hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to require him to stand trial.

If convicted of the felony, Bando faces up to seven years in state prison, according to the District Attorney's Office 

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