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Kate Hewlett and Stargate Universe

GW has a brief snippet of an interview with Kate Hewlett, and I'm afraid to say that fan reaction of "Stargate: 90210" may not be that farfetched...

At the the article, she said ""I have a bunch of friends who have auditioned for the show," she said, "and they seem to be going very young. I think it's the new, hip, Stargate Jr. I think that I don't probably fit into that but I would love to. I was secretly hoping they'd be like, 'We need to bring someone over. Who could it be?'" I mean, Kate is 32, so if she's over-the-hill.... Sigh... For one thing, it sucks that we won't see Rodney and Jeanie bicker anymore.

I'm still 'meh' about SGU due to the way the studio, etc. handled axing SGA and then announcing their shiny new toy, SGU, plus the writers, who seem to have lost their focus on SGA, are all excited about SGU. Plus, frankly, I like the 'old folk' on SGA just fine. I just hope they all find new jobs soon (and I hope, hope, HOPE that Joe Flanigan lands on the NICS spinoff. Just a dream I'd like to see come true as NCIS is a hoot and I'm sure the spinoff will be fun too).

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