wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

It's snowing! :)

Yup, the predicted storm did arrive, although about six hours late. I took the day off (use it or lose it, so I took the last vacation day I had) and I'm glad I did, as twenty minutes after it started, Ithought, I'll run an errand. Went down the road, turned around, came back. Roads were slick and the Fed Ex truck just missed the stone wall!

So, here are some photos from today's snow!

A Christmas tree a few roads down. I couldn't get a decent sharp photo without flash (sure not dragging a tripod around in the snow), so went for the artistic squiggle look ;)

A snowy road, plowed but already full of snow again.

A snowy nebula! No, but it looks cool, doesn't it? I just breathed out and caught it as it froze up :)

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