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Richard Dean Anderson talks in TV ZONE #71

The big TV ZONE Special (#71) had an excerpt from a Richard Dean Anderson article:

Although he [RDA] shot SG-1’s 200th episode and the first of his three Atlantis episodes, The Real World, at the same time, it was on Atlantis that Anderson first stepped back into the role of Jack O’Neill. “That was interesting,” notes the actor. “I’d been away for over a year and kind of lost the rhythm of production. All of a sudden I was thrust into filming two series and playing the same character, but for the Atlantis script
I was supposed to portray O’Neill as seen by Dr Weir [Torri Higginson] in her coma/dream projection. However, I didn’t have a very clear idea of what they wanted. So I was basically there to give Torri someone to bounce off of and collaborated with her a bit on where her character was and what was going on with Dr Weir in the story."

Sounds interesting! Alas, it's not really much of a spoiler as  they've been posting this information in articles for the last month now. I expect TV Guide to give the entire season away soon ;)

Full article (as much as TV ZONE will print) at http://www.visimag.com/tvzone/ts71_feat01.htm

PS And NOW I've learned how to use the LJCut button. SORRY!
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