wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

I got what??? Just a rundown of junk mail

we all get junk email, right? The usual "You have won a gazillion dollars in Peru/the UK/Angola" etc. stuff but I got some neat holiday ones. (and my spam filters do seem to take out all those 'enlarge your member' spams, phew)

First, a boxing day sale! We don' thave that here in the States, but I know what it is, but sad to say I had to Google "Varadero" (which has, whoa, gorgeous beaches, but oh, is in Cuba) to know I should decline their great airfares ;)

Anyway, this is my fav!

"Hello, to meet the Woofiest Men..." [yes, they said woofiest, which got me thinking? do these guys howl? are they, er, uh, overly hirstute? what??] Wait, Wolverine got his own site??]  then I read further and for me to meet the "best hunks" [which then got me thinking, is cheese going to be sale this week? gah, cheese prices are so darned high]  I should visit certain links (which I won't repost here) but the words 'jerk' and 'lube' are in those urls and I'm like, hmm, this sounds like, oh, dear, porn! ;)

So, I'll just stick with my woofy dog, thank you ;)
Tags: weird news
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