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Stargate Atlantis #519 - "Vegas" - *SPOILERS*

Okay, spoiler-ridden comments on "Vegas," the second-to-last Stargate Atlantis episode. Sniffle.


I have no doubt that this is gonna be a very love it or hate it episode in fandom. I took a peek at Gateworld's thread and you should dress in Nomex before entering the thread ;) I do think Shep fans are going to love it a lot more than other fans, cuz we get so much Shep, and angst and blood (well, maybe it'll just appeal to Shep whumpers?) ;)

Whoa. Good episode! Okay, I must admit I fell asleep almost during "Identity" - didn't help it was a long day at work and I laid down on the couch, but well... *cough* anyway. 9:00pm rolled around and I was awake and this was a good episode. I am a fan of the CSI franchise, so can see all the homage/tribute/ripoff, whatever. It's not like everybody else hasn't done it for the last several years anyway, although this is the first with a Wraith (yet there was that movie THE HIDDEN).

Cinematography was good. Only time it seemed wonky was when George (I think I'll call the Wraith 'George') was going up the escalator and he wobbled in that sorta fast-motion shot, which just seemed too weird. For me the slowest part of the episode was the Sopranos guys gambling, and had the press not made such a big deal in a few 'what's on tv tonight' mentions, I wouldn't have known that pair from a hole i the wall. Mobster shows just don't entertain me so I skipped The Soporanos entirely.

Music: I like Johnny Cash, and yeah, guess it makes sense a Wraith would listen to Maryln Manson. I keep wondering how much they spent on securing the music rights for all these songs...

And George, the Wraith, was very cool. I mean where else but Vegas (and okay, parts of NYC and LA) could a Wraith walk around like that and nobody really goes "ohmygawd" - probably just think he's a goth fan or something...

And there's the AU Rodney, Zelenka and Woolsey. Woolsey is the same in every universe, me thinks ;) and wow, Zelenka, woof, combed hair and a suit! And Rodney... he's STILL the same Rodney (hence the snark-fight with Zelenka) but he's more contained, and wow, he cleans up nice (as in this Rodney actually has a fashion sense, which in itself screams "alternate universe!" I mean, remember what he wore when Jeannie got kidnapped?? Aieeeee.

But, the best... Sheppard. Talk about a broken man. And from listening to what Rodney said, it all went down the dumper when the field medic with whom Sheppard had been involved with died in Afghanistan (and I distinctly heard Rodney say "her"). Yeah, that one instance, much worse in this AU, shattered poor Shep's life. In 'our' reality, I think only a couple died? And it was Holland, his buddy, he was going off to save.

Anyway, Shep just looked so busted up all the time (except for the few seconds with the nurse, whom, yeah, he'll never call, which was as obvious as a neon sign in Vegas). I'm assuming the cut on his cheek probably came from one of Mikey's goons roughing him up for what Shep owes.

And then we get poor Shep, dying alone, in the desert. Sniffle.

But, while we fans weep for poor AU Sheppard. kristen999has penned a wonderful tag to the end of the episode! Check out Sympathy for the Devil.

So, I thought this episode was very neat, despite the CSI *cough* homage. Just seeing the AU Shep and McKay was fun!

Shep and his Camaro made me think of Dan Tanna (Robert Urich) from the old show Vegas.

Woolsey knowing that the Star Trek exhibit in Vegas was shut was funny.

UPDATE: Another short tag at Sheafrotherdon's LJ, plus some lovely picspam!

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