wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

David Hewlett on Sci Fi next Saturday, sorta...


SciFi, 9pm, Sat, January 10th

A curse that is carried down from her sister has a woman finding a cure for the nuisance that leaves her incapacitated and when cops come across her she is sent to rehabilitation for suspected drug use.


Okay, David Hewlett's not in the credits because he’s not in the film, but he is, sorta....  saw this film on cable a few years ago (IFC) and one or both of the girls were watching TV, or it was playing in the background, and I remember saying “Hey, that’s David Hewlett on the TV” and it was one of his movies, although I can’t remember which. So, it’s a couple seconds of David on the box. I do remember the movie as being rather humorous and bloody, although Skiffy will probably edit it to death.


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