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Stargate Atlantis - "Vegas" Q&A with Robert Cooper

Hopefully this will turn out better than Mallozzi's other guest bloggers. ;) Anyway, Joe Mallozzi said on his blog today :

Allow me to start off today’s entry with some exciting news - before, of course, seguing right back into the tedious offerings that typify this blog. Executive Producer/Writer/Co-Creator Robert Cooper has agreed to come by an field your questions about his piece de resistance, his chef d’oeuvre, his hors d’oeuvre and Atlantis swansong: Vegas. Yep, gather up all your queries regarding alternate universe theory and nippleless wraith and start posting because, very soon, ALL WILL BE REVEALED!

So, if you have questions or rants or whatever, toodle on over to


and leave your comments in the comments section. No registration required.
Tags: season 5, stargate atlantis
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