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More on Stargate Atlantis: "Vegas"

Hmm, I seem to love posting about this epsiode because well, it was so different, and hmm, shall go beneath the cut in case someone hasn't seen it yet... but it's about MGM's latest article/interview on this episode.


is where you can find the full article.

You should read it all, but this is the most fascinating bit: "And, doing an alternate reality that is so similar to ours, the idea I was working with was that sometimes an event will happen and it will throw your life in a particular direction ¬– but if that event hadn’t occurred, or it had happened slightly differently, how would your life be different? Are you the same person at your core, in your heart? And that’s what I focussed on with the Sheppard character. Even though this story is about other characters in an alternate reality, I think there are insights into our characters that come out that maybe couldn’t have come out in any other way. It’s quite nice to see a story in which Sheppard is not the same Sheppard, because of certain events that occurred in his back story differently. Yet we understand that in his basic core make-up he’s still the same guy. And it was fun to see the slight variations that people played on the alternate reality versions of themselves. The fact that Sheppard was no longer the commander made McKay a different character. Suddenly he was less neurotic and stronger as a leader, because he was thrust into that role. And seeing those ripple effects and how they happen, and how the actors played them differently, was very interesting"


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