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Stargate Universe Auditions look set

Joe Mallozzi posted at his January 6th blog tonight on Stargate Universe auditions...

The laptop turned out to be of less importantance as we spent most of the day watching casting streams. So far, we have our Rush, Young, and Eli (official announcements on the latter two to come later this week). And, after today’s session, it looks like we may have our Tamara. We have two terrific candidates for both Scott and Stasiak, and a very likely Chloe. Otherwise, a fairly quiet day. Given recent developments, the writing staff now numbers five, but there is talk of adding at least one more newbie to the mix in addition to freelancers.


So, we'll see what they end up with. It's interesting that well, NOW they're adding to the writing staff with a possible new staff member and freelancers? Ah, sigh, if only they'd done that with Stargate Atlantis. Still think they should have kept Ken Cuperus...

And, well, yes, being selfish, wish we'd a little more blogging on the SGA movie since he IS writing that one.
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