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The hubbub over Livejournal

Apparently they sacked/shed/fired/laid off, choose your moniker. A bunch of folk who work at LJ no longer do. It's either 20 out of 28 gone, or a "dozen or so", depending on the source.

http://news.cnet.com/8301-17939_109-10132684-2.html said yesterday "Social-media pioneer LiveJournal is the latest company to announce a round of layoffs, trimming down its employee head count in its San Francisco and Moscow offices. A statement from the company came after a rumor on gossip blog Gawker suggested that a shocking number of LiveJournal employees--20 out of 28--had been cut. LiveJournal clarified that it was "about a dozen" cuts, amounting to about a fifth of the company."

So, anyway, this might explain the 'hiccups' LJ has been experiencing.

Now I'm sitting here, going sheesh, bad enough AOL toasted my CSI site. Still haven't found a new home for it yet, but I love Livejournal cuz of all the folks on it and the sharing and fanfic and pictures and just fun. Anyway, I sure as heck don't want to lose my journal, which now makes me think... HOW can I back up the entire journal? Anybody done it and have recommendations? I'm sorta leery about downloading software I don't know (plus I have Vista). And, when you download the journal, does it save comments? And is there a way to mirror a LJ elsewhere (and does it bring over comments, too?)

Yeah, I'm a neophyte at this stuff. I prefer writing entrise and torturing, er, playing with my Stargate Atlantis action figures (who, by the way, had a simply terrible time tonight as I write a new story *cough*)



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