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Stargate Atlantis #520: “Enemy at the Gate” Spoiler review / discussion


Well, it’s over, and I was going to luxuriate and watch it at 9:00pm, until the power company decide to plunge us into pitch black. Gee, thanks a lot.  Besides missing EATG, my Word document I was working on went poof when the power went. Grrrr.


But onward to the episode, spoilers and whatnot beneath the tag!

Okay, after watching 90% of “Vegas” , I was suitably prepped for ‘oh, the rift thing will go over into the finale.”


Let me say, blech , on BSG ad in bottom right corner. They couldn’t have let SGA have a clean finale?


Oooh, okay, Todd is back in fighting form. Despite the fact I think he should die (being a Wraith), I am developing a bit of fondness for him, probably because Chris Heyerdahl just makes him so fascinating. So, the wraith now have a souped-up hive ship. Not a bad plot point, and well, everybody seems to steal everybody’s technology so it’s a logical progression I suppose.


Wow, Todd should just run for president. He’s got all the requisites: charm, lies, etc. ;) And wow, now we know, Wraith are CANADIAN. Listen to how he says ‘progress’, the Canadian way.! I do like how Todd manipulates Sheppard and Woolsey, although you do wonder, would Sheppard kill Todd in cold blood? When he killed Bob, no, Steve, um, er, or whoever, the Wraith in “The Siege”, it was very much down to the wire combat type situation. It’s something left to the viewer’s imagination, since well, the city survives, but now you’ve got this wraith. I can’t see Sheppard having blown away Todd at the end of the episode because 1) he’s not a cold-blooded killer, 2) they’re on Earth, so they’re no longer in a ‘wild west’ type Pegasus Galaxy situation and well, Atlantis might be considered part of the U.S. gov’t now, and subject to all its laws.  Of course, now if Todd is alive, there’s that pesky thing about how to feed him since he’s now a full-on wraith again. Wait, wait, there’s Bernie Madoff! * cough *


Overall, Todd is a great character, and I want to see his death (cause I can’t see it not happening) be meaningful (that is, to us viewers). To just vanish would be, well, bleh, unless the IOA decides to stick him in a cage. The antagonistic relationship between Todd and Sheppard is fascinating to watch, because Todd really does bring out the worst in Sheppard.


Best line: “You know how to talk to me, John Sheppard!” laughs Todd.


Okay, at first I thought, it sucks that Sheppard is being shipped back to Earth to man Earth’s chair. But, we got some neato fight scenes. However, what bureaucratic moron moved the chair to Area 51.


The tribute to Don S Davis – renaming the Phoenix (corrected) to the General Hammond – was far better than just a little scroll at the end, plus it will last into the movies (please let there be movies). Major Davis. Damn, just how does he screw up that the man has yet to be promoted???


Curious that since Beckett is a clone, that he has the gene.


Woolsey offering Teyla and Ronon an out. Realistically, it would have made more sense to ask ‘uh, do you want to come along?’ BEFORE they left? However, because of the rushed aspect of this episode, we don’t get Teyla’s side addressed. She’s leaving her people? Where is Torren? Kanan?  That’s something I’d like to see explored, but because of the limited time, nope, nada. I can understand both sticking around for the fight, but well, they seem pushed to the side.


Now, if you had a secret chair to hide, you don’t stick it where people WOULD look, aka Area 51. Geez, Trenton NJ would be better. I mean, WHO would look for a secret alien chair in Trenton? Who would even GO to Trenton?? You get my drift. The dart/F302 fight over Area 51 was cool, and yeah, for a little suspect with Sheppard’s F302 going down.


Overall, it was a decent episode. Was it ‘awesome’ as some fans have crowed? Hmm, not in my book. It was good, but it was rushed. The writers seemed to cram a lot into one hour, and realistically, the end of the series deserved a two-hour episode. And no, I won’t say “they shouldn’t have done ‘Vegas’” as it was one of the better ones out there! The SPX was great, I’ll give it that (oh, to think now we’ll just be subjected to crap CGI on SciFi’s Saturday flicks, aieee).


Somehow, well, the Sheppard suicide mission is running a bit thin…plus in his scene, it was a bunch of exposition “Oh, I’ll do it this way” which just hastens along the plot. And this isn’t the first time he’s attached a ship to a Wraith hive ship.


It was great to see a lot of characters – we got team – Sheppard, McKay, Ronon, Teyla – and Caldwell with the Daedalus, and good lord, Kavanagh (the man’s like a cockroach!, you can’t get rid of him).  We got Chuck. Yeah!  Although they did seem to try to get in a lot of folk. Ellis pops up in an almost cameo appearance on a screen.  Hey, even Lorne is there.  Zelenka and Carson. It’s like old home week, but it was all crammed. It was like you turn and suddenly, out of stage left comes Carson, out of stage left comes Lorne. So, a rushed feel to it. I did like that Major Davis actually got some snarky lines.


Overall, a good episode but… I felt like I was sliding down a driveway of ice… it was rushed. We all basically know that this was to be the 100th episode, but due to corporate suit mentality, instead it became the series finale (insert wailing, gnashing of teeth, screaming, etc.).  It was very much like a standard episode, with a bit more urgency. SPX were great, etc. but the send-off really deserved a longer format.

Quibbles though, and yes, they do exist. Ronon’s death was, well, out of left field (and well done), but his resurrection and then ‘wow, everything is hunky dory’ was disappointing. And since WHEN do wraith drones carry knives???? Not once in five years have we seen a wraith with a knife, but now, handily, a drone has one. His being brought back to life was a plot device, not killing off a main character. I really liked Jason Momoa’s idea that Ronon was abducted, and they had to resuce him in the movie. Ah, angst! And well, the he’s dead, we’ve got him, he’s fine, was just rushed.


A gripe: I’m not sure what was going on, but since the McKeller relationship was confirmed in “brain Storm,” the writers seem unable to NOT mention it in every single episode. Hell, even in “Vegas” they alluded to it. Which brings me to the very last scene, which is probably the one that made me go “meh” more htan anything else. And then they seem eager to pair Amelia Banks (who, my god, had a really lame line “I heard you died and came back to life” argh) with Ronon. In fact, the pairing factor seemed in high gear. WE got McKeller, Ronon and Amelia, Sheppard and Todd ;) Oh, let’s see, Woolsey and Beckett! ;) Wish, though, that Lorne and Zelenka had been there.


I’d love to see someone analyze the body language from the photos, especially of Teyla and Sheppard, standing together, arms crossed. Oh, something going on there??


The happy happy ending was well, rather Pollyanna and I couldn’t help but think of Star Trek when I saw it.  First, if a structure THAT size landed in any water, it’s gonna push waves toward the land. I mean, are some clammers going to get washed under a mini-tsunami? Surely something would register its landing just  from its land, cloaked or not.


But, do I think it sucked? Heck no. It was done well, even if rushed, and I keep thinking, why could we have not gotten something this good all along, instead of * yawn * stuff like “Indentity” and “Inquisition”? Should we avoid any “i” episodes?? (except “Infection”)


I guess in some respects I’m glad they learned not to blown the 100th episode (or finale) with some lame comedic episode. I honestly didn’t look for or see ‘tributes’ to the fans. Yes, they had lots of characters in this – but it wasn’t like in “Wormhole X-treme” where they actually addressed fanfic genres. And fortunately it wasn’t SG-1’s “Unending,” which was, well, so memorable, I’m going on the guess it was the trapped for 50-years-episode and they all forgot about it episode, right??


What I want now? A movie, dammit, and NOT on Earth. Geez, you can’t have two Stargates on Earth; too many problems. Atlantis belongs in the Pegasus Galaxy. The wraith are still a menace.  I want Atlantis BACK in the Pegasus Galaxy. What will Ronon and Teyla do on Earth? In fact, what will any of them do there? Right now, I swear, the characters are like tourists going “oh, look at the pretty,” with no goal in mind. “We’ve saved Earth. Take some vacation!” It doesn’t really strike me as a series ender, but it is, and I think there was probably someone going ‘we have to make this end on a happy note in case we don’t do movies and then the insane fans won’t picket Bridge Studios’ ;)


But come on, you’re telling me NO ONE noticed a giant spaceship coming in to orbit? You think * someone’s * satellite didn’t spot this humongous snowflake shaped ship come into Earth’s atmosphere??


As for the Stargate Universe ad. I know, yes, this is the way they work – last chance  to snare/entice the SGA viewer to ‘look, shiny new toy.’ I’m not disgusted as well, I just expected it. It’s marketing and they don’t want fans per se, but viewers who will products advertised on the commercials.


Anyway, going to crash now. Power outages (grr) and a glass of wine (ahh) make me want to sleep now.  Don’t think I’ll change much but feel free to comment on whatever I said.


But, the show shall live on, even without the series on every week. We’ve got fanfiction, after all, and I can’t wait to read the first one when the city goes back to Pegasus and the team gets into trouble ;) * cackles evilly as I glance at my action figures *

Photo snerched from, er, uh, oh, darn, forgot!

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