wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

It's dead, Jim

Yes, the power company killed the cable box. Don't know how, and it doesn't speak well of the integrity of the box itself, but several minutes after the second showing of Stargate Atlantis ended, the TV went wonky, fuzzyish- not the TV, the VCr, the DVR, nope, spend far too much time checking, which left the box. So I had to call cable about it (and you know how that goes - you're on hold so long you start falling asleep or forget why you're on hold). They couldn't fix it from their end so I had to drive all the way down (ack, on a Saturday morning, hideous traffic), stand in line, get new box, drive home, plug it in, wait wait wait and then "i'm sorry, but this box is not authorized." Gah! So I had to call them, get on hold again for a long time, and then they finally connected and activated it. Ah, cable again, only wow, there's really not much of a rush to watch anything.

Tags: misc
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