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Stargate Con (Nov 2006): Preface/Notes of VERY long report

Stargate Creation Con Report

Secaucus, New Jersey

November 3-5, 2006

© 2006 Wraithfodder


Disclaimer: Please note these transcripts/observations were done from shorthand notes, so there may be errors. Also, material is copyright so feel free to link to it but please do not copy and post elsewhere because I will most likely be editing text as folks point out mistakes or add to it. Thanks!


1)       NOTES


2)       FRIDAY

a)       Dan Payne

b)       Ivy Isenberg

c)       Cabaret / Bar


3)       SATURDAY

a)       Casting Seminar with Ivy

b)       Colin Cunningham

c)       Carmen Argenziano

d)       Alex Zahara

i)         Autographs with Alex and Dan

e)       Teryl Rothery

i)         Jason Momoa Photo Op

f)        Jason Momoa

g)       Autographs: Colin, Teryl, Carmen, Jason

h)       Dessert Party


4)       SUNDAY

a)       Breakfast: Joe Flanigan, Cliff Simon

b)       Cliff Simon

c)       Joe Flanigan Photo Op

d)       Joe Flanigan

e)       Autograph line: Joe Flanigan & Cliff Simon





Okay, I got a gold ticket. The big $369 one that a friend said “you gotta get," so after seeing the lineup, I got. The original con lineup had Michael Shanks, Joe Flanigan, and Claudia Black. Claudia cancelled out after a month (they posted that information on the website) and my friend was cringing when Joe first vanished off the schedule a couple months ago (well, after we all wailed and screamed at the horror of it all). Oddly enough, Creation just removed his name from the web site and never posted a thing about it, although fans who wrote in got differing reasons (cancelled, not cancelled, who knows?). Okay, we survived this horrid bit of news, but then Michael Shanks(!), and eegads, Beau Bridges both cancelled! [However, I'm very happy they both got movie roles though as I do want to see them working.] But.. I paid $$$ for this con and blast it, I’m attending no matter who shows up! ;) Even if a plague of locusts descends! But I was really, really, really happy when Joe Flanigan popped back up on the schedule and whoa, Jason Momoa was coming, too. No way would I not be there to see those two actors.


Just a note. I don’t mention real names of fans here as some folks don’t like to be outted on the web (like their boss is skimming the web and goes “Hey wait, you said you were sick that day! You’re fired!”). I might mention online monikers, which are pseudo -nonymous in nature.


All in all, I am glad I went. It was fun. Seeing friends/fellow fans was THE best part. Really. If you go to a con and stay on premises, you have to have people to hang with to make it worthwhile. Seeing the actors was great too.


The good, the bad, and the ugly


Good: Friends and actors (the latter whom all exceeded expectations). Guh… getting up close right next to Joe Flanigan and Jason Momoa. Virtually all the women there will admit it and dare I say it, a few guys as well?? ;) * The great view of Empire State building across the river. * The bar was fun and the music not ear-splitting. * The hotel room bathrooms were very nice (unlike the last NJ hotel I stayed at where the bathroom ceiling collapsed into the tub!!). * The dealers in the hall (including Avatar Press) were great to talk with (didn’t really get the chance to chat to dealers in the dealer’s room). * My roomies were fantastic! Long-time friends and (Yes! Yes!) people who wake up before 11 a.m.!!!




a) HOTEL -While I've been in worse hotels (see above), the Crowne Plaza needs to fix up. 1) Temperature. Cold hallways in function areas, and the ladies room near one function space was Antarctic in temps. 2) Elevators. Busted! This is the second year in a row they failed. While I griped about climbing seven flights of stairs, by the end it wasn't as bad as the first day, but if you had luggage.... 3) Restaurant. Pricey, and selection was limited and they taxed the crap out of everything and I've had better meals at Denny's. However, the coffee was good. Didn't try the 'snack food' in the lobby area as I'd heard wildly diverse critiques on it.


b) CONVENTION - While I haven't been a fan of Creation for a long time due to past bad experiences, Joe and Michael were too big a lure not to see them. 1) Tickets. I got billed three times for my Jason Momoa/Michael Shanks photo ops – talk about a surprise on your charge card. 2) Dealer's room. I've done cons for decades and this was, well, pitiful. For such a big outfit, why can't Creation get more dealers with more variety? Virtually everything sold/auctioned was standard Creation merchandise you can buy off their website. Other cons get autographed scripts, etc. CC need to push for more diversity in the dealer's room and with auction material. 3) Auditorium. The seats were set up for sardines in a can. Tight. Too tight, really (and I'm not a big person) but if you wanted to leave your seat, you had to step (or nearly trip) over people. 4) General. I've been spoiled by many other cons, which are smaller, less 'assembly line' in nature and have guests both days of the event. Fu Fest with David Hewlett just spoiled me rotten.


c) Ugly: Um, nothing there, really, except for a fashion faux paux or two with costumes some folk wore all weekend-long that would have made the back page of Glamour magazine ;) * One roomie who arrived at night didn't like the fact the parking garage structure had no security cameras and it came with lots of stray cats (who I guess were going after rats). Eeeuuu….


All the fans I ran across were nice and friendly. There were really only a couple instances when I clenched my teeth and thought ‘come on, reign it in.’ There was a fan somewhere on the side of the room where I sat, near the front, who (maybe she didn't realize it) laughed really loud at almost everything and also had loud comments for a lot of things the actors said up on stage. I know fans can be exuberant, but hey, for some of us, this is our first and perhaps only con with actors talking for quite a while, and we’d like to hear the actors talk during the panel, not our fellow fans.


At the end of it all, despite some temptation, I didn’t sign up for next year’s con – which would have meant possibly a front row seat, because next year is nearly $400 and I would need to see the guest lineup first. It's simply a matter of money and time. If I had both in abundance, I'd be doing cons every month like some fans seem to do. But, if the Stargate Atlantis folk get nearby on the East Coast again, I'll do my best to get there. Otherwise, really, I should get a passport and start thinking about European cons as it seems more and more Stargate Atlantis actors are bypassing Creation and/or the States for overseas.


Onward to the con report! (Because I know that's what everybody wants to read!)

And is the type font size okay???

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