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Stargate Universe: John Scalzi has been hired as creative consultant

Looks like they're actually getting a real, honest-to-gosh writer to work on Stargate Universe. They've hired a book author John Scalzi as a creative consultant. See below snippet from his blog.

January 14 2009



The reason I'm in Vancouver, aside from having dinner at Fuel last night with Joseph Mallozzi, can now be revealed: I have a new gig as Creative Consultant for the upcoming Stargate: Universe television series. I've been talking to the SGU folks about it informally for some time and flew out to meet the producers and writers, and talk about the ideas and directions of the new series. I also got the tour of the sets, which are still under construction, and which look pretty damn nifty so far. It all went very well, and I liked what they were doing with the show and the people involved, and equally importantly they seemed to like me too. So I was happy to say yes when they invited me onboard.


His official site: http://scalzi.com/
His books: http://www.scalzi.com/books/
A YouTube interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZN6GA4JsOs
Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Scalzi


I've never read this guy's work, let alone heard of him (I avoid any book reviews on Mallozzi's blog as he gives away too much). I read mostly non-fiction books as theyr'e fascinating, and probably far too much Stargate Atlantis fan fiction, but there is good stuff out there so I read it! :) Too bad they couldn't have gotten some consultants in on SGA; might have avoided "Identity" then ;)

I see Scalzi's books are in my local library, so I'll go down and grab one when there's less snow and ice out there.

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