wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Rest in Peace

Wow, today was a bad day for a couple of folks.

Patrick McGoohan, known to millions for his PRISONER series, or SECRET AGENT MAN, died today at age 80 after a short illness. I'll always remember him as the brusque Scottish animal doctor in THOMASINA, one of the best flicks ever to come out of Disney, which I adored watching cuz it had Siamese cats in it, but wow, I just through McGoohan was the cat's meow (I was a kid, and that was the term) ;) Anyway, very sad to hear that.

And Ricardo Montalban passed away at age 88. Most folks will probably know him best for FANTASY ISLAND, but I'll always remember "Fine Corinthian leather!" in some car ad he did, but I also remember seeing him in lots of older movies. That is, when they showed older movies. Now I gotta watch Turner Classic Movies to see 'em.


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