wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

New York Comic Con

Ah, it would be nice to see some Stargate presence at the NY Comic Con....

However, Milo Ventimiglia, from HEROES, will be there! As will the cast of Fox's FRINGE! Too bad neither show really interests me, but I may check out their panels if I can find out where the rooms are this year ;) And J. Michael Straczynski from Babylon 5 will be there, too. However Seth Green will be there and I saw five minutes of ROBOT CHICKEN and laughed myself silly.

Unfortunately, Diamond Select Toys has again pushed back the release date for the series 3 Stargate Atlantis action figures until mid-February. Darn! Did I whine about this already? Hmm... anyway, was hoping to pick up a spare Ronon so I could beat one up in action figure theater.

Anywhere, there is a great blog that posts stuff on the con at http://www.mediumatlarge.net. Regrettably, it's where I found this video that is either really cute or makes you want to confess your bank account number if forced to watch repeatedly ;)

Tags: action figures, comic con, critters, stargate atlantis, video
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