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Stargate Con (Nov 2006): Cabaret with Dan Payne, Alex Zahara & Carmen Argenziano

Stargate Creation Con Report

Secaucus, New Jersey

November 3-5, 2006

© 2006 Wraithfodder


Disclaimer: Please note these transcripts were done from shorthand notes, so there may be errors. Also, material is copyright so feel free to link to it but please do not copy and post elsewhere because I will most likely be editing text as folks point out mistakes or add to it. Thanks!


2)       FRIDAY

a)       Dan Payne

b)       Ivy Isenberg

c)       Cabaret / Bar




c) The Cabaret: "You've been voted off the stage!"


Okay, I’d heard varying reports on the quality of last year’s cabaret, but since there was nothing else to do, and this was part of my $$$ gold ticket, I went. I mean, what else am I going to do? Watch TV? Dan Payne and Alex Zahra were up on stage, as was Carmen Argenziano (hereinafter referred to as just Carmen as his last name is hell to type).





CARMEN  / DAN / ALEX: CAB-02.jpg






Anyway, well, all I have in my notes are some snarky comments about Alex saying something to Dan about ‘we live in the same building” (they do!) to which Dan said something and then Alex made a mock threat of “I know where you live!” to which Dan replied “Yeah, on your couch.”



DAN & ALEX: CAB-04.jpg



Dan and Alex put together a twisted, warped little play entitled well, er, it was a parody of Stargate , and all the names were changed to protect them from copyright infringement. They cast the play from suckers, er, volunteers from the audience. Jack O’Neill became “Colonel Unreal,” and Carter became, well, won’t spill all the beans. Anyway, in a logical fashion, they cast guys in the male roles, girls in the female roles, which meant one or two guys would raise their hands but over a dozen women volunteered to be Sam Carter’s warped alter ego. I volunteered but got rejected (boo hoo). However, I was determined to grab my fifteen minutes of glory, so when they cast for a character based off Alex’s Michael from the SG1 episode “1969”, whom they now called “Brad,” my hand shot up first. If I recall correctly, Dan just looked over, saw me, and said something about “Alex, you’re female now.” Yes, fame was within my grasp! Ha!!! I joined the motley crew, which Dan and Alex dragged behind the black curtains, gave us our scripts and told us what to do. So, we followed instructions. Took about 30 seconds for us to get in trouble with Dan, the director, who said our Stargate team’s arrival on a new and dangerous planet was just plain lame… we came out like we were walking into a mall. We were sent back behind the curtains to do it over again, and we did it better (well marginally). Unfortunately, because they never auditioned us for our specific talents (acting really wasn’t one of them), the bodies began to fall. At one point Dan and Alex did a conference on the stage. They made the mistake of blocking me and we had light shining on all of us. As usual, common sense fled my brain and I start doing ‘rabbit ears’ over Dan’s head, which the audience laughed at, then little shadow puppets. I don’t think Dan and Alex knew what was going on, that, or they were just indulging my insanity. But…I had opened up my script part for Brad and realized, oh oh, I have to sing?! The only song I know by heart (and, can do the sound effects for) is “Dead Dog Rover.” I didn’t see this fantastic song in the script. I knew my days, er, minutes, were numbered. Okay, time for me to sing my part. Only two lines. Alas, William Huang sounded like Tom Jones next to my talents. Dan gave me one more chance. I got canned. Fired! Demoted! Voted off the stage. ARGH! So I left the stage in utter dejection (I did my best) and they snatched another fan from the audience who, darn-darn-darn, did have singing talents… if only they had written “Dead Dog Rover” into the script….


So I became an audience member, snickering in evil delight when at least two more cast members got the boot (misery loves company) but all in all, it was fun to sit back and watch as well. At the end of the skit, Dan and Alex said that all who participated in the skit would get free autographs (hot damn! Great! I hadn’t bought their autographs due to budget). I talked with both afterwards, as did the rest of the ‘cast,’ got some photos taken with them (Alex is cute, I’m sorry, I love his eyes). Poor Alex was sick though and said if we shook his hands, we should wash ours. Seriously. He’d been on the set in Vancouver the day before until very late, standing around in the cold, no shirt, painted up makeup playing the dead ghost of a mobster, while busy catching bronchitis. So some person took our names, told to show up at the autograph session and the next day and we could ‘redeem’ our signatures. I spied a copy of the script just left on the stage and wanted a souvenir (since my ‘understudy’ got my copy of the script, complete with teeth marks;) so I snatched it. More on that later.


But, I got some snapshots taken with both Dan and Alex, which I’ll definitely cherish (they both did ‘rabbit ears’ for me – hey, I go to cons to have fun and act like an idiot – goal accomplished!)






Several of us went to the bar. I’m like, hmm, I need food first. Last food was scrambled eggs twelve hours ago. So, like a good Stargate Atlantis fan, I chomped down half a PowerBar before I had some beer so I wouldn’t up face down on the floor. Dan and Alex ended up there briefly but I was hanging with a roomie who said I did great at the cabaret <G> and then I played pool with one of the hall dealers and some other fans. One of the fans (LadyNRed900  from the SciFi SGA boards) actually recognized my 'wraithfodder' name on a nametag I made. My goal in playing pool was attained. I lost three games in a role. Yes, of course that was my goal, to lose each game, to sink the opponent’s balls. At least I didn’t spear anyone with the pool cue.


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