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Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick, aka the late Col. Sumner from Stargate Atlantis, or, John Doggett from The X-Files, is going to be at the New York Comic Con on Friday, February 7th, so... won't be seeing him, as I bought my ticket for Saturday. Maybe next year I can swing the 3-day deal. It's not so much the ticket price but the back and forth on train, or cost of hotel, and getting time off.

Anyway, details!

Alien Trespass

A lost Sci-Fi epic's recently been unearthed! Not seen since 1957, this film by legendary producer Louie Q. Goldstone is essential viewing for anyone who considers themselves a science fiction fan. Be one of the first of this generation to glimpse vintage Alien Trespass broadsides and meet the creator--- veteran X-Files director R.W. Goodwin as well as descendants of the original cast. Eric McCormack (Free Enterprise), and Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) are scheduled to be in the room, too.


3:30 PM
4:30 PM



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