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David Hewlett and David Nykl on the big screen!

Okay, so they're not in the starring roles, but hey...


 Variety reviews HELEN, a movie that both David Hewlett and David Nykl had parts in.

Snippet from ther eview -- A brave, affecting turn by Ashley Judd cuts through the overall torpor of “Helen,” a somber, elegant psychological case study that will leave auds feeling as gloomy and enervated as the title character. While this first English-language feature by German writer-director Sandra Nettelbeck (“Mostly Martha”) admirably avoids soft-pedaling the unique enigmas and agonies of clinical depression, it can’t overcome its own self-imposed limitations -- namely, catatonic pacing and a dramatically narrow outsider’s view of mental illness. The pic has its merits as an educational tool but is much too bleak to connect with a larger audience.

Anyway, David Nykl talked about it at the November '08 Stargate Atlantis convention. Here's an excerpt from an earlier LJ entry (full link at http://wraithfodder.livejournal.com/267074.html ). Ask about his missing scene in “The Shrine” and if he had any David Hewlett stories, as Kavan had some great ones. “Have I got stories about David Hewlett!” he laughed. We told him about complaining about anything. “Oh, those stories? Okay, how much time do we have? .. Okay, let’s set the record straight. David Hewlett is a great guy but I can’t shake him. I mean he follows me everywhere I go. I was cast in a film last season, called ‘Helen,’ and the next day I got an email, ‘oh you’re in a movie with David Hewlett.’ And I’m like ‘What?”’ so he went to IMDB to check it out. “Stay away from my career!”

There's another review of the movie at


 and http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/sundance/2009/01/premiere-helen.html


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