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It's TRUE what they say about couches!

Yes, couches DO eat things. I was looking high and low for a small LED flashlight I'd gotten a while back. So, decided to take apart the couch (since it was messy from cat, dog, etc. being all over it) and lo and behold, the flashlight! Yes!

Meanwhile, thanks to MoRyan over the Chicago Tribune... In the Christmas episode of CBS' Big Bang Theory, Sheldon was bestowed with a dirty napkin - but it had been autographed by Leonard Nimoy. Visit http://trekmovie.com/2009/01/23/big-bang-theory-nimoy-napkin-auctioned-off-this-weekend/ for the full details, pictures and videos. The video of Sheldon realizing just what he has is priceless beyond belief. Anyway, the actual napkin (which Nimoy really signed) is now up for charity auction. You can view th4e vid below too.

And does your car, uh, cough, 'put out'? It does if you read the instructions for this car at http://twitpic.com/16c6j. Thanks to the Wailing list twitter for that gem :)

Ouch. Just read on Broadcasting & Cable that General Electric posted a 44% drop in 4Q results (which is better than some). GE is the parent of NBC Universal, and in turn, Sci Fi Channel is owned in there somewhere...

And, Stargate Universe spoilers, so they're under the cut in case you don't want spoilers...

Solutions at http://stargate-sg1-solutions.com/blog/?p=2710 posted a bunch of spoilers, but here is a casting spoiler:

[COLONEL COLLINS] 35 - 40. Handsome. A born military man proud of himself with great faith in the chain of command. The intended leader of the expedition who plans to reclaim his place as commander regardless of what he must to do. Stubbornly confident and highly regarded by his superiors.sptv050769.. Supporting Lead. RECURRING. PLEASE SUBMIT HISPANIC ACTORS ONLY.

Clicking on link will give a lot more spoilers since the sides are out and fans are reading and extrapolating from them ;)

So far, still on the fence with the show..

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