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Stargate Atlantis fan fiction recommendation + Sci Fi Channel movies

Gah, my morning plans went to heck cuz I did a virus check on the PC (clean) but decided, oh, let's just check LJ for a moment, got sucked into reading a great team / Shep whump story - Road Trip by liketheriverrun</lj> . Run on over and read. Anyway, I almost made the mistake of turning on the TV to check the weathe r(why I bothered, I don't know, it's just COLD COLD COLD and the ice will never melt!) and oh hey, it's Pteradactyl with David Nykl. Well, another five minutes of him before he, er, uh, *cough*, departs.

Anyway, lessons for being in a scifi movie...
1) When people tell you ... don't go there, don't open that, etc. you should listen, cuz otherwise you die die die (well, most of the characters).
2) No matter how remote the area, the women always dress in next to nothing (hot pants, tight tank tops). however, this means less clothing for the pteradactyl to rip off to eat the lady, so I suppose there's that perverse reasoning.
3) no matter how bad the aliens (pteradactyls, giant nessies), the baby ones are soooooo cute that you can forgive them for eating a character or three.
4) there's no logic to the casting of rap stars as the leaders of black op type military teams. I mean, does anyone that far up the chain of command go 'yo'??
5) there's no shortage of bad movies on sci fi, but this one - due to Cameron Daddo, David Nykl, and adorable baby pteradacyls, is worth time to watch ;)

Off to run errands. Gah, ice. Must skate over to the car. Wish me luck!
Tags: david nykl, fanfic, stargate atlantis
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