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Flashpoint Article List #2 + Jessica Steen mentioned in article

For the Stargate Atlantis fans, a mention of Jessica Steen's upcoming role in the CBS/CTV drama Flashpoint....

New York Daily Vue (from NY Daily News newspaper)

Feb 01 2009 – Flashpoint’s Colantoni gets fed information

Crew people sometimes know things before actors are on a series, says Flashpoint star Enrico Colantoni. “I hear I might actually go out on a date,” the actor says of his divorced character, Sgt. Greg Parker. “I got that from the hair and makeup people.” According to him, the only person who really has the inside scoop on his CBS series about a team of elite crisis-managing cops “is the craft services lady. She seems to know everything.” He got info on the new character being played by Jessica Steen – filing in for Amy Jo Johnson, who has been on maternity leave – by visiting the craft services table as well. In the story arc developing this month, Steen is “sort of the catalyst that disrupts the flow of the team.”


Flashpoint Star Enrico Colantoni One on One

Excerpt from short interview:

Jan 30 2009 - "My brother was a cop, and I have so much more respect and insight about what he went through. My character is the leader in rank and responsibility, and it functions more like a military platoon and he treats everyone with respect because he especially because he is the negotiator..." Colantoni tells RadarOnline.com. … Enrico went through extensive training for the role, including tactical training, talking to former hostage negotiators. "What was amazing was how candid and laid back these negotiators were. Here they were talking to someone that had a gun to someone's head and they are saying, 'How are you doing, how is it going'. They have to maintain an air of calm cool and in control."  REST AT LINK ABOVE



Jan 30 2009 - At 9, CBS' "Flashpoint" drew the night's biggest audience: 8.4 million. ABC's "20/20" placed second with 6.1 million. In a tight race for third were NBC's "Friday Night Lights" (4 million) and Fox's repeat of "Lie to Me" (3.7 million).



Jan 23 2009 - FLASHPOINT (9PM CBS, CTV in Canada)
Find out why the co-creator of FLASHPOINT (@Flashpoint_TV) twittered that, “Tonight’s FLASHPOINT a personal favourite. Hugh Dillon is splendid. Absolutely splendid.”



Jan 26 2009 - People keep complaining that I never talk about Flashpoint, but here is the thing, people: there are always going to be shows one just doesn't watch, even when one is a TV critic, and for me that is Flashpoint and other shows where people have guns and uniforms (like The Unit). Look, Flashpoint is perfectly well-made television. It's well written, has good actors (especially Enrico Colantoni, but Hugh Dillon is great as well) and avoids formula. But none of that makes me care about it. However, I promise from here on out to mention it at least once every eight months! (CTV, 9 p.m.)



Jan 30 2009 - * Young Canadian actress Hannah Endicott-Douglas, who recently starred in the lighthearted special Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning, takes on a much darker role tonight. Appearing on Flashpoint, she plays a child who is kidnapped and held at a booby-trapped house. One of her abductors is a teen who's been missing for several years. (CTV)



[This article lists a couple of the Flashpoint actors]

Jan 30 2009 - CTV Announces New Oscars' Contest "And the Winner is..." Launching Feb. 1 - Movie fans can make their Oscar(R) predictions alongside CTV personalities at CTV.ca/Oscars - Grand Prize Winner will sit in bleacher seats at the 82nd ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS(R) in 2010 -- National promotion includes roll out on television and online

     TORONTO, Jan. 30 /CNW/ - CTV is ready to give a Canadian movie fan bleacher seats to next year's ACADEMY AWARDS(R) in a new online contest launching during CTV's SUPER BOWL XLIII this Sunday, February 1. Devised in-house exclusively by the CTV Creative Agency, the "And the Winner is ..." interactive online contest allows viewers to make their picks for this year's winners of the 81st ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS(R), airing live on CTV, Sunday, February 22 at 8:30 p.m. ET (visit CTV.ca to confirm local broadcast times). The ultimate Oscar pool, "And the Winner is ..." sees participants choosing the winners on CTV's dedicated micro-site CTV.ca/Oscars alongside predictions from popular CTV personalities.

     The list of CTV personalities making their predictions this year includes: Seamus O'Regan and Beverly Thomson (CANADA AM); Brent Butt and Nancy Robertson (CORNER GAS); Adamo Ruggiero and Charlotte Arnold (DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION); Ben Mulroney, Tanya Kim and Lainey Lui (ETALK); David Paetkau, Sergio Di Zio and Michael Cram (FLASHPOINT); SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA winner Nico Archambault; Leah Miller, Jean Marc Genereux and Tré Armstrong (SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA); and Russell Peters, host of THE 2009 JUNO AWARDS.



And that's it for now. Friday's episode looks good. 

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