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Stargate and Comic Con

Ah, finally, a tiny link to Stargate SG-1, though not Atllantis, at the New York Comic Con. Sean Patrick Flannery (aka Orlin the alien in SG-1) is going to be there promoting The Boondocks Saints, a movie that has been out a while and now has a sequel coming out. Never heard of it myself, but apparently he and another actor from the show will be a booth doing a signing, so I'll try to be there, and try to see Seth Green do his Robot Chicken panel, and the Dead Like Me people are there for their new movie, and Torchwood. I've never seen it, but am darned curious. Oh yeah, and Jared Padalecki  (from CW's Supernatural) will there promoting the Friday the 13th movie. I'm willing to bet he will be MOBBED by teenage girls!

and in between trying to see those panels, I must criss-cross the entire Jacob Javits Center dealer's room full of stuff I surely don't need but will want, especially if I see any Stargate Atlantis goodies, or cute little Godzillas, or some other knickknacks that fits  my budget.

Anybody else going Saturday??
Tags: comic con, stargate atlantis
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