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Stargate Con (Nov 2006): Autographs w/Colin, Teryl, Carmen & Jason + Dessert party

te Con (Nov 2006

Stargate Creation Con Report

Secaucus, New Jersey

November 3-5, 2006

© 2006 Wraithfodder


Disclaimer: Please note these transcripts were done from shorthand notes, so there may be errors. Also, material is copyright so feel free to link to it but please do not copy and post elsewhere because I will most likely be editing text as folks point out mistakes or add to it. Thanks!


NOTE: I’m still refining the Jason Momoa/Joe Flanigan panels, but they will go up, but I’ll just skirt around Jason and get to the autographs and dessert party.


3)       SATURDAY

a)       Casting Seminar with Ivy

b)       Colin Cunningham

c)       Carmen Argenziano

d)       Alex Zahara

i)         Autographs with Alex and Dan

e)       Teryl Rothery

i)         Jason Momoa Photo Op

f)        Jason Momoa

g)       Autographs: Colin, Teryl, Carmen, Jason

h)       Dessert Party


g) Autograph Session: Colin, Teryl, Carmen & Jason


Okay, recovered J from Jason’s session, then did the autograph session with Colin, Teryl, Carmen and Jason (in that order). These things take time. They call by “Gold Circle” seats ($$$) first. However, although you stand, you’re cooler. The heat built up in the room from the hotel turning on the heat, plus body heat from a couple hundred people.You really could tell the difference going out into the corridor.


Anyway, Colin was first. He’s still all charged up, greets people like he knows them (and I’m sure he knows some). I get an autograph on the purloined Payne-written script and told him about it, then gave him a gag gift. Fans had discussed the pros and cons of giving gifts. I’d been in a Halloween store and spied these little really squeezy foam basketballs. 99 cents a piece. I bought a few. Figured, hey, a harmless toy and if they don’t want it, no big deal. So I gave Colin one, telling him hey do what you want with it but it’s also a great squeezy ball after you’ve signed 300 autographs. He asked me to sign it and I’m like ‘huh?’ and he said “autograph it,” so I signed my first name and he looked at it, got this mock look of affront and said “Who are you? Elvis?” and gave it back so I signed my full name and he took it back and thanked me. Now that I think of it, I should have written something else. Ack.


Then, Teryl. Oh so nice, and she put on little XXXs and OOOOs on the photo as well and we talked briefly about CSI.

Then Carmen, who, bless his heart, told me how much he liked my performance in the cabaret the night before. He personalized the script as well. Dan, you need to get famous so I can sell this script on eBay for a gazillion bucks! Just kidding ;) No, but I’ll sell it for five minutes alone in a closet with either Joe Flanigan,  David Hewlett, or Jason Momoa. ;)


Jason was next. He was on beer number, uh, I don't know… Hard to tell. He’d had a few bottles on stage and was quite happy, but, he’s a BIG guy and seemed pleasantly buzzed and relaxed, and he could sign his name legibly. He signed my picture and I gave him a ball, which he took, then eyed his security guard with probably evil intentions in mind (yes, I found out later on he threw his ball at his minder – hey, it’s a very soft toy so no harm and after I gave it to him, I assume no liability whatsoever) ;) Now some fans said he’d abandoned the autograph line here and there, but you know, if you’ve polished off a six pack of beer in a span of a couple of hours, I think I know where he had gone off to…. Hmm….


Okay, probably experienced a brief moment of fannish ‘omygawd, they’re all so nice’ fuzz-out, then stomach said ‘food.’


What next? They did the talent/costume competition, which was against the autograph line so I totally missed it. The autographs took place behind the stage behind black curtains – Creation banned any photos back there, which is a shame as a quick picture taken from the side wouldn’t have slowed anything down and it’s a neat memory.

Ran into Dan Payne in the hall at some point. He had on that marvelous T-shirt with the squirrel and nuts. He said that Alex wouldn’t be coming down for the dessert party as he was sick, so we never saw Alex again. Hope he’s better now.


Anyway, um, um, oh, yeah, dessert party was next at 9:30 p.m. which made sense considering the lines for autographs and that the actors were cool enough to personalize and chat briefly. My roomies and ride buddies all met in the restaurant and virtually all of us ordered the same appetizer (which in any normal restaurant would have gotten us the full meal!) as none of us really wanted to hit a dessert bar full of sugar head on.


h) Dessert Party


Waited at the front of the line for about an hour. It was cold, but not as cold as the ladies' room. That was like a meat locker!!


All the fans went in first. Dessert consisted of, well, standard hotel dessert fare. Ice cream, syrup, cookies, some little pastries, coffee. I’m like, what? No cake? No pie? I’m spoiled, sorry. That's what I get for doing other non-sci-fi convention functions…


The actors came in a bit later – Jason, Teryl, Dan, Carmen, and then Colin showed up (he told us that hey, even though he wasn’t scheduled for the event, what else was there to do? So he crashed the party and believe me, no one complained).


Okay, I now know what speed dating is all about: each actor was followed by a Creation minder, who came with a stopwatch and they hovered behind the actor. That was…. Weird. Sorry, I’ve just never seen it done. However, in watching the actors going around the room, and this was their choice, the times varied wildly, but in essence, each actor spent about two minute per table. We did have a lot of fun at our table, talking to each other (fans, I mean) when actors weren’t there. I mean, most of us hadn’t met until that con – not even online – but we got along fabulously and we could talk about stuff besides actors. We had (Gateworld monikers) Salty and WWHL (both of whom I drove in with), another couple local New Jersey fans/long-time friends from the SGAHClist, and two folk whom I don’t believe are online.




Ah, oh yeah, they had a centerpiece contest. Salty’s son constructed this real simple gate. To me, it was a perfect “shoot the ball through the gate” game. I still had some balls left over. Every one of the guests who sat at the table played the game. Here’s the score.



Carmen – took three tries but he got it.

Jason – took three tries but he got it (this is after beer # whatever)

Dan – one shot. “I was an athlete!” and when he ‘sunk’ the gate, he shot up both arms in triumph. Oh for a photo of that!

Colin – one shot, too

Teryl – oh, she took it seriously and nailed it one shot. Bet she’s great at pool.

They were all good sports about the game, and I’m trying to remember what they talked about (they did talk during the game too). Oh, Teryl mentioned she was doing a straight-to-DVD Babylon 5 movie and then she looked over and saw me, pen in hand, scribbling this tantalizing tidbit on a steno pad in shorthand and went “What are you? The media?” and then found out that the very nice lady in the wheelchair right next to her (who bore an uncanny resemblance to actor Susan Lucci while her husband was the spitting image of Jeff Foxworthy) was an actual medium (like ala the NBC series). Teryl talked to her a bit longer than allowed (her minder poked her in the shoulder a few times).


We talked to Colin (who had no minder and did what he wanted) about the glowy worm caves in New Zealand he did some tricks for us, although the number he was hoping to guess that I was thinking about was two digits off, but he did fantastic with the coin trick and also explained how he did, but don’t ask me to explain as I can’t remember. Oh, when he saw the shoot the gate game, he went “my ball!” and I said, no, I had spares, and he said ‘oh good, cuz they locked up mine for me” or words to that effect so maybe he actually took it home with him. And I hope his dog doesn’t eat it.


Jason, um, what did he say? Help! I wanted to ask him about the skull and crossbones scarf he was wearing but didn’t get the chance – minder stole him away. One thing about Jason is that he has his own style and isn’t embarrassed about it. He keeps the hair – isn’t cutting it for any role. He’s fun.


Carmen talked about New Jersey theaters or NYC theaters. Man, I’m blanking out. I blame all the sugar. Oh wait, one of our tablemates brought out a Kung Fu magazine with an interview with Jason in it that he didn’t remember doing it (probably 1-1/2 years ago) but he was oohing and ahhing like a kid over the action shots from “The Hive” episode. Really funny! He also remembered that Salty told him that he bore an uncanny resemblance to her father, something she told him during autographs.


Once the actors left, the fans basically did too as the food was done. We went back upstairs to go to sleep as tomorrow was the big day – Joe Flanigan!!!

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