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The spatula is falling! The spatula is falling!

Wow, who would have thought?

Read this article on space junk floating around the planet at Wired . Here's an excerpt:

1. Spatula
While spreading some goo as a test of heat-shield repair materials, spacewalking astronaut Piers Sellers accidentally lost a spatula he had been using. The mishap took place during the space shuttle Discovery's 2006 STS-121 flight to the International Space Station, on a mission to test new safety techniques after the 2003 Columbia disaster. "That was my favorite spatch," Sellers reportedly said. "Don’t tell the other spatulas."

Whoa... so you could be sitting there in your yard, reading a book, when suddenly, a burning spatula comes down from the heavens, and poof, you're toast! ;)  No wait, that sounds like a sequel to Dead Like Me where the lead got nailed by a space station toilet seat...

Anyway, also read today that there are 18,000 pieces of clutter up there, orbiting the Earth, which was brougt up when that Russian ex-spy satellite clobbered a U.S. Iridium satellite. Guess they're both toast. More space clutter!

A Twitter recommendation: https://twitter.com/ZooBorns - all about newborn critters at zoos. It's nice to see something, well, nice! I mean, look at this little fella.
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