wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

I wish I'd had this on video...

You know that awful pink donut I used in my latest Stargate Atlantis Action Figure Theater? Well, I ate half, went, yech, and tossed the rest into the garbage can. Well, said garbage can has a hole in the top of it - courtesy of local wildlife - done last week, and every day I go 'gotta duct tape that sucker' but keep forgetting. Well, I tossed the garbage bag with the pink donut into the trash, clamped on the lid and did some errands. My brother said he took the dog out, noticed the garbage can 'rocking' so thought, eegads, raccoon is trapped inside. Then, the pink donut half came through the hole. A few seconds later, a squirrel with little sticky hearts all over its face, pushed its way back out. It grabbed the donut, ran off and went up a tree.

Think I'll grab any stale donuts from work now and put them out and see what happens! ;)

Tags: critters
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