wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Ever receive an email that makes you go ARGH!?

Anyway, got one of those today, in fact, from Haagen-Daaz, the ice cream folk. Now their stuff is great - but incredibly fattening - and today an email came with new flavors and oh, look, you can punch in the flavor, your zip code, and voila, find out where to buy it!


so I go, oooh.... Baileys Irish Cream ice cream! What? I gotta leave the state to buy it?! And I click flavor after flavor (the more exotic interesting one) and well, no one locally stocks it. Bummer :(

Meanwhile, read in the news that two nuclear submarines ran into each other. HOW can you run two subs together, well, unless they're plastic toys and you're re-enacting an Irwin Allen scifi show... ??? Love how this happened about ten days ago but it only broke the news today...

Tags: misc
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