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Stargate Atlantis novel "Nightfall" by James Swallow - now available

From an email:

Dear Stargate fan,


ISBN: 978-1-905586-14-1

James Swallow is back with another action-packed Stargate adventure—STARGATE ATLANTIS: Nightfall.

Well-known for his Warhammer and Star Trek books, James is also a huge Stargate fan. The theme of his latest book may be deception and lies, but the writing is as true to the characters as only a true fan of the show—and über-author—can get.

James's previous Stargate novels are Stargate SG-1: Relativity and Stargate Atlantis: Halcyon and they have proven hugely popular with our fans.

From the back cover of Nightfall:

The rock of Aegis…

Deception and lies abound on the peaceful planet of Heruun, protected from the Wraith for generations by their mysterious guardian — the Aegis.

But with the planet falling victim to an incurable wasting sickness, and two of Colonel Sheppard’s team going missing, the secrets of the Aegis must be revealed. The shocking truth threatens to tear Herunn society apart, bringing down upon them the scourge of the Wraith. Yet even with a Hive ship poised to attack there is much more at stake than the fate of one small planet.

For the Aegis conceals a threat so catastrophic that the Atlantis team must risk everything to eliminate it from the Pegasus galaxy...
The book is available now from our website and soon from leading book stores in North America, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. To order your copy, visit www.stargatenovels.com.

Upcoming books
*March 2009 - STARGATE ATLANTIS: Angelus by Peter Evans

Meanwhile, hope you continue to enjoy the books.
With very best wishes,
Tom and the rest of the STARGATE NOVELS team at...
Fandemonium Books
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