wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

I'ts dead, Jim!

Yeah, they tell you not to do this, but not really, but there's no warning in the book for ... running your cellphone through the washing machine. I guess I'm fortunate it started clunking in the dryer and then I found, vibrating (which it doesn't do) and the screen flashing like it's possessed. yanked out battery. Nope, dead Jim. Ran off to Best Buy, replaced with the new pink LG Flare (which is quite pretty) and transferred all my $/time over to the new phone.

Now, to choose a ringtone. Ohmygawd, they've got Stargate Atlantis, MacGyver, Chips, Avengers! But sniff, no Flashpoint, Adderly, Night Heat... OOh, they have Flipper, but must think about THAT blaring out when the phone rings... Hmmm....Nah. Oooh, Gilligan's Island (do you detect a theme here?)

Decisions, decisions...
Tags: misc
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