wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Salad fit for a deer

I got home from work, finally found the pruning shears I'd lost (looked everywhere outside and they turned up in the bathroom with the hair dryer, of all places!).

Anyway, when i looked out the window I spied nine (9!) deer in the side yard. Several were already busy munching on a bunch of yew bush branches we'd hacked off and put in a pile. It was a feast!

Not the best shot. It was shot at dusk and I lightened it a bit.

Oh, the best, which I did NOT get on camera as I was too enthralled watching. Two deer were comign down the lawn and stopped. One paused, turned and put up its tail (whitetail) and they stared at the ground. Then I saw it - the red fox! It was quickly scamping in between the two deer, like running a gauntlet, and then ran to the side of the house and disappeared into the bushes. The deer just sorta went 'eh' and then joined the rest devouring the remainder of the yew bushes. And that fox is just stunningly gorgeous.

Now if they could only prune the TOPS of the existing bushes, instead of denuding the sides....

Tags: critters, photos
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