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Flashpoint Article List #07: Articles, HD video link, etc.

Here’s the latest list of article links on Flashpoint, starring Hugh Dillon and Enrico Colantoni.


March 17, 2009 - CTV first Canadian network to offer high definition video online

Visit the link and you can watch Flashpoint in HD. Requires installing Microsoft Silverlight, whatever that is….



March 17 2009 – “Flashpoint” star right at home in role, setting

Excerpt: Granted, the good-natured Colantoni, 46, may have a hard time figuring out where home is these days. He was raised in Toronto and still has family there. But his two children live with his ex-wife down the street from his house in Los Angeles. Three years ago, he became a naturalized American citizen.

"People who live in Canada are inundated with news about what's going on (in the United States)," he says. "But I've lived in America long enough to know that Americans generally know little about the rest of the world unless they're interested in foreign affairs."

"Flashpoint" may be changing that. The show is unabashedly Canadian. The police uniforms don't look American, and there is no attempt to hide such spellings as "centre" when they pop up on-screen.  REST AT LINK ABOVE


A twitter (http://twitter.com/benimaru)

benimaru: Buy my friend Kim Taylor's Days Like This on iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/df42mz (Featured on CBS's Flashpoint on Friday and it's blowin up!)



March 14 2009

CBS stayed on top at 9 with "Flashpoint," 5.9/10. "Supernanny" delivered a 3.3/6 for ABC. NBC's "Friday Night Lights," 2.7/5, just edged out FOX's "Dollhouse," 2.6/4. The CW retained most of its audience with a repeat of this week's "America's Next Top Model," 1.2/2.



March 14 2009 - Fast National ratings for Friday, March 13, 2009

At 9 p.m. CBS' "Flashpoint" did a 5.9/10 to win the hour. ABC's "Supernanny" finished second, beating the 2.7/5 for "Friday Night Lights." FOX's "Dollhouse" had a 2.6/4, with an average viewership of 4.33 million, halting several weeks of declines. The CW's "America's Next Top Model" repeat was fifth.



Flashpoint – Making Contacts

Clip from episode #207 – and more



‘It's wild how deals are getting put together'


From Saturday's Globe and Mail

March 13, 2009 at 8:18 PM EDT

Early last week, Toronto writer Tassie Cameron and television producer Ilana Frank jumped an 8:30 a.m. flight to Los Angeles, picked up their silver hybrid at the Hertz counter at LAX, and wheeled onto the always-insane Interstate 405.


But while all broadcasters are tightening their belts, Barna also points out that there is still clearly an appetite “to roll the dice, and spend a bit on what hopefully will be a brass ring of a show that makes it to a U.S. network prime-time schedule.

“It's certainly not all rosy out there, and the fact remains that Canadian broadcasters in this particular quarter are doing less [indigenous] production,” says Barna, alluding to the cancellation (at least for a year) of CTV's Canadian Idol, plus two CBC daytime shows, Steven & Chris and Fashion File, as well as the recent noticeable slowdown in licensing agreements being signed at debt-heavy CanWest Global.

In Ottawa, John Barrack, of the 400-member Canadian Film and Television Production Association, agrees. “This new trend of U.S. studios partnering with Canadian producers – and licensing Canadian programming in ways we haven't seen before – is good news for everybody,” he says. “It's taking Canada to the world in a whole new fashion.”

Even better, he adds, “I think it's sustainable. The U.S. studios have woken up to the fact that there's tremendous opportunity here. They've been doing service production here for a long time – and that has started to flood back this year to major centres like Toronto and Vancouver. But Flashpoint jolted them awake and made them realize they can make quality content using real Canadian input from our writers, our actors, our directors and our producers. And they can satisfy the Canadian-content requirements to maximize their financing and at the same time produce a product that is internationally sellable.”




Feb 28 2009 - Flashpoint: A peek into the world of SWAT team members

Flashpoint, CTV's drama about a big city police SWAT team, is a hit with viewers both here and in the United States. But the series is more than just an action-packed cop drama.

It was inspired by the work of an actual SWAT team -- Toronto's Emergency Task Force -- and that dose of reality sets it apart.

"We emphasize both sides of their training," says Stephanie Morgenstern, one of the show's creators. "We emphasize the emotional sensitivity that they have to be highly adept at, as well as the lethal skills."




March 13 2009 - -Ratings Breakdown:
It was a clean sweep for CBS on this typical Friday, with its combination of Ghost Whisperer (Viewers: 11.11 million; A18-49: 2.6 rating/9 share), Flashpoint (Viewers: 9.44 million; A18-49: 1.9/ 6) and Numb3rs (Viewers: 10.05 million; A18-49: 2.0/ 6). But the network needs to strengthen the 9 p.m. hour next season in order to keep lead-out Numb3rs dominant. While Flashpoint is a big improvement over fall occupant The Ex List, under a 2-rating among adults 18-49 is a concern. And the retention out of Ghost Whisperer this week -- 85 percent in total viewers, 73 percent in the demo -- is not as strong as it once was.



march 14 2009 - In the 9pm hour, Flashpoint, Supernanny, and Friday Night Lights all came in ahead of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. FOX didn't have a show at 10pm, but if it did, it would have been beaten by Numb3rs, 20/20, and several local cable access shows.
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