wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Stairway to heaven destroyed! News at 8pm cuz I'm not staying till 11...

The 'stairway to heaven', in this case, was an overgrown bush/tree too near the house, so the very dangling conferous branches got topped and it's now below the gutter, which is much better for the house, but the poor squirrels... my god. We took away the ladder we had against the house during some work - they USED that to run back and forth. They can no longer jump from the maple to the topped tree - unless they're daring. The other larger trees around the house just got plain old removed so there's no escape route! Horrors! I let the dog out, he barked, the squirrel panicked, climbed up topped tree and ran all over the roof. Don' tknow where he got off. Anyway, they'll adapt, and this was the first day in ages that the birds actually got the bird feeder all to themselves for a few hours!

Meanwhile, I had a stale jelly donut in the fridge. I staked it out on the patio with a chopstick - next time, maybe I'll chain it to something as the amusement didn't last long enough. However, our little crack sugar squirrels do love sugar... just ripped it out and ran off with the chopsticks. Maybe Dunkin Munchins next time... Hmm, whatever gets chucked at work.

Anyway, here's the mini video.

Tags: critters
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