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Well, cleaning up the yard has turned my batch of 8+ squirrels into more like half that amount, and only one fat one is really brazen enough to be hanging out there WAITING for me to put birdseed in. Y'See, the bush/tree that was dense and big is now not so dense and much smaller. Yew can take a hacking.  But, I suspect they'll all eventually come back once they realize the chainsaws are not coming back. Maybe the loppers, but not chainsaw...

Got vinegar in m eye while cleaning some green mildew off outside of house. I could have used water, but vinegar kills any reappearance, doesn't hurt the bushes, although the eye felt like AIEEEEEEEEE! and I was up a ladder when that happened. Fortunately I didn't become a DIY casualty and got off ladder quickly, ran inside and rinsed out eye and was, well, fine. Phew. It rained today, so that batch of wall will not smell like a salad ;)

Think I have all my gunk together for taxes. I'm still leery about efiling. call me paranoid, but my credit card company issued me a new card cuz in one of the rare times in which I ordered online, the merchant got hacked. I saw no sign of hacking (I fanatically track all charges) but better safe than sorry.

Oooh, second to last E.R. is on. I would have watched it a lot longer had Noah Wylie been there all the time.

There is a plus side to this March madness basketball gunk - I watched a Supernatural, am watching ER, and guess I can watch an Stargate movie or two on Friday since Flashpoint isn't on, but I do miss Flashpoint, but not as much as I miss Stargate Atlantis (whine whine whine, would I like some cheese with that??) ;)

Hmm, I have this desire to search the web for a Jello brain mold. I know I saw one somewhere....
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