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Flashpoint Article List #08: Ratings, DVDs, etc.

All under the cut for size.


Not a lot of news, but the ratings did well last week. New episode on the 10th. Details at http://wraithfodder.livejournal.com/326447.html.



April 7 2009 – Will the Cancel Bell Toll For Eleventh Hour?

…The Friday shows (Flashpoint, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs)  all have low Indexes, but lower expectations (or costs) as well, they look safe.



April 7 2009 - Acting can be dangerous game [Calum Worthy]

EXCERPT: He says he also cried so much for his role as a bullied teenager who becomes unhinged -- "the hardest character I've ever played" -- in an upcoming episode of the CBS series Flashpoint that he had an allergic reaction to his eye drops and got an infection. REST AT LINK ABOVE



April 6 2009 - SPECTACLE Debut Wins Timeslot with 861,000 Viewers on CTV
EXCERPT: SPECTACLE: ELVIS COSTELLO WITH... was scheduled to follow an all-new episode of FLASHPOINT, which once again won the night with 1.35 million viewers at 9 p.m. The two homegrown series ensured that original Canadian programming ruled the airwaves from 9-11 p.m. Friday night. FULL PR AT LINK ABOVE 


April 4 2009 - "Flashpoint" leads CBS to Friday victory in total viewers

The night's most-watched program was a new episode of CBS' "Flashpoint," which drew 8.8 million viewers, according to updated ratings released Monday. Placing second at 9 was a rerun of ABC's "Supernanny" with 4.4 million viewers. NBC's just-renewed "Friday Night Lights" had 3.6 million viewers and edged Fox's "Dollhouse" with 3.4 million.



April 3 2009 -Soon after we post a story reminding our readers in Britain the show is going to be released on DVD within weeks, we learn of an Australian release! A boxset will be released in Australia two days after the Britain boxset is released (April 16th). …  Flashpoint along with other cop procedurals such as CSI and Law & Order has kept CBS at the top of the ratings for Primetime Drama. Two new shows are going to make an attempt to steal CBS' thunder, The Unusuals on ABC in the US and Global in Canada, and Southland on NBC in the US and CTV in Canada (not that CTV really needs to worry since it is host toFlashpoint).

[Darn Darn, when are we North Americans gonna get a DVD set??]



April 1 2009 - ITV Global's Durham County Goes Worldwide As Season Two Launches

ITV Global has announced that the multi-award winning Canadian crime thriller Durham County has been acquired by more than 100 territories ahead of season two's market premiere at MIP TV 2009.

Preparing for even more compelling betrayal and terrifying secrets as Back Alley Films and Muse Entertainment's Durham County returns for a second season of electrifying drama, starring Detective Mike Sweeney (Hugh Dillon - CBS's Flashpoint).
Durham County season one has been acquired by 110 territories worldwide, including leading broadcasters in America (ION Network), Australia (Showcase Channel), Germany (RTL), Italy (Fox Channels) and Latin America (NBC Universal).
Emmanuelle Namiech, Director of Acquisitions & Co-Productions, ITV Global Entertainment said: "We're delighted Durham County is getting the recognition it deserves. Combining gripping compelling stories with stylish, high production values, it is now both a critical and commercial success."
ITV Global is set to premiere its all new line-up of high quality drama programming at MIP TV 2009, including Durham County season two, the highly anticipated reinterpretation of the iconic 1960's cult classic The Prisoner (AMC and ITV Studios) starring Ian McKellen and Jim Caviezel.



March 29 2009 - This Week on TV (3/30-4/5)

Flashpoint (CBS, 9pm):  “A teen distraught over his best friend moving away takes several people hostage after his plans to rob a local food store go terribly awry.” It’s not easy for some people to make new friends.



March 24 2009 - The Friday shows (Flashpoint, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs)  all have low Indexes, but lower expectations (or costs) as well, they look safe. As for Eleventh Hour, the Index says its coming back and I’m sticking with it. Those hoping I dine on crow may have their best chance with it.



March 21 2009 - Last night was just full of great TV. Friday TV has never been a place for good television in a long time but this particular night was really good. The only thing that would have made it better would be a new episode of CBS’s great police drama Flashpoint.  March 20th, marked the end of arguably one of the most successful basic cable or sci-fi shows ever. The series was a show that showed us really human conflicts and battle in a world that was not our own or so we thought.



March 20 2009 -
CTV announced yesterday that a new beta player was being launched online, and that three of their top shows, Flashpoint, Corner Gas, and Malawi's Song were going to be the first shows in Canada to be offered online in HD! This also makes CTV the first network in Canada to stream HD content online! The player uses a combination of technology: Akamai's Adaptive Edge, Microsoft Silverlight, and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 7.0 Smooth Streaming Technology. It promises instant startup time and no buffering (then again, this is the internet and we expect there to be some buffering at the very least). We checked it out and we were impressed! It really seems like Canada is leading the US when it comes to the distribution of this series. Canada can access the show's previous and current seasons on iTunes, and in standard and high definition on CTV's website, as well as on television. CBS has not put the show up on iTunes, but the show is available on their network in SD & HD, and in SD on their site. Still no word on a North American DVD release, but we are working hard behind the scenes to get a copy of the UK release soon after it is out.

BLOG ENTRY goes on with warning about pirated DVD set.



March 18 2009 – The Canadian Invasion

Excerpt:  The attitudes of the major U.S. networks towards Canadian programming has changed dramatically since the success of the CBS import FLASHPOINT and the global economic crisis. Canadian TV distribution exec Noreen Halperin told The Globe & Mail



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