wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Tonight's TV: Flashpoint, Primeval and Stargate Atlantis

Wow, great lineup!

Think I'll stick my chatter beneath a cut in case of spoilers....

First, Flashpoint. Well, I'm still enjoying the show, and it's so weird to see a show with snow in it (since most shows film in L.A. or Vancouver). I like that they follow up from episode to episode on certain key points; in this case, Donna. Her inaction at the scene was seen by Ed, who called her on the carpet about it. I think she's heading toward burnout as at some point, Jules will come back.

Primeval. I'd been very tempted to BUY the DVD set but every time I got a good coupon at Borders they never had it! Then it popped up on Syffy. I wasn't disappointed. The characters are engaging, the acting good, the little chlirpy flying dinosaur named Rex was simply adorable, and the CGI effects were pretty decent. Plus, yes, new scenary. I swear, I've seen every single tree in Vancouver what with X-File sand Stargate filming there ;) And I do like shows/movies with large nasty creatures roaming around eating people. It's just fun.

And then, whoa, yes, a repeat of Stargate Atlantis' "Trinity" episode. One of my favs for the Sheppard-McKay interaction :)

Gah, wish we'd gotten a sixth season of SGA.
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