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Flashpoint Articles #09: Interviews, articles, stats & more

Here's the latest batch of articles on Flashpoint, which includes ratings, Hugh Dillon interview and some interesting Flashpoint stats.


Flashpoint Articles #09: Mini reviews, ratings, etc.



April 23 2009 - Hugh Dillon Talks Cops, Guns & Tarantino

EXCERPT: Saving hostages and defusing bombs is just another day on set for actor Hugh Dillon, who stars as Ed Lane, the alpha male of the Emergency Task Force on the CBS police drama 'Flashpoint.' And this isn't your ordinary police show, Dillon told PopEater. Turning real life police dramas into a TV show, Dillon credits the writers for the in-depth reality they bring to each episode. REST AT LINK ABOVE, plus photos



April 23 2009 – FLASHPOINT by the numbers (also has nice Hugh Dillon photo)

Here's a look at what it takes to put a show like "Flashpoint" together:

Number of Man Hours = 5,358,678

Number of feet of film used = 861,440

Number of Camera Set Ups = 3,558

Number of Crew Dailies = 2,372

Number of Back Group Performers = 1,844

Number of Scenes shot in the SRU Headquarters = 240

Number of Regular Crew = 182

Number of Meals Served to Cast and Crew = 104

Number of Days Shot = 94

Average number of scenes per episode = 84

Number of gunshots fired = 37

Number of lives saved = 19

Number of times Parker said his own name = 15

Number of male hostage takers = 10

Number of different types of weapons each member has in their kit = 8

Number of explosions = 5

Number of times they say "Keep The Peace" = 5

Number of fatalities = 5

Number of female hostage takers = 4

Number of hugs between SRU Officers = 3

Number of kisses between SRU Officers = 2

Number of original Songs by Cast members = 2

Number of bomb threats = 1

Number of times they've had to say "Scorpio" = 1




April ?? 2009 – Traditional media and the Internet – Part 2

EXCERPT: But I also think that as typical Canadians, we are way too modest about our culture and our country. CTV-produced Flashpoint, a big hit in the States as well as in Canada, is a cop/action series based in Toronto. And while we see the CN Tower and other recognizable Toronto landmarks, the show rarely makes it explicit that it is set in Toronto. Compare this to the new Southland on NBC which is clearly about the LAPD - even if the title didn’t mean anything to you as a reference to southern Los Angeles. According to Flashpoint producers, they wanted the show to be set in a major urban city, presumably with the associated big-city crime/police drama. But Toronto is just that! We keep saying we’re a world-class city, but we never show the world even when we have the chance.



April 22 2009 – Global drama picked up by ABC: The so-called "Flashpoint effect" has finally rubbed off on a prime-time drama green-lit by CanWest Global. Yesterday, the debt-laden Canadian broadcaster announced that 13 episodes of its new rookie police drama, called Copper, has been picked up by ABC to run in the United States. The deal - brokered by Toronto studio E1 Entertainment and negotiated on the strength of the pilot script - will join the swelling ranks of Canadian-made programs, most notably Flashpoint, as well as the upcoming series The Listener and The Bridge, that in the past 18 months have found American broadcasters keen to split the cost, and risk, of making prime-time programming with a Canadian network. Flashpoint airs now on CTV and CBS, and was TV's most-watched original new drama last summer. In its wake, CTV's police drama The Bridge was picked up by CBS; and CTV's The Listener, about a telepathic paramedic, by NBC.




April 21 2009 – Universal drums up publicity for Flashpoint - SINGAPORE - NBC Universal recently tapped Group Eight's A Group Of People for a guerrilla stunt for its new series, Flashpoint, alarming hundreds of passer-bys at business district Raffles Place and shopping belt Orchard Road.  Made to resemble a scene straight out of television, SWAT teams and baddies tussled over hostages, while passer-bys looked on in surprise and horror. The stunt involved 50 actors depicting a scene in Flashpoint, a critically acclaimed hit series now showing exclusively on Universal Channel in Singapore.



April 21 2009 – Brent Butt, Don McKellar among winners at Canadian Screenwriting Awards … Adam Barken won best one-hour TV episode for an instalment of CTV's cop series "Flashpoint" titled "Who's George."



April 21 2009 – Jules (Amy Jo Johnson) returns to FLASHPOINT - April 24 on CTV

After being shot and seriously injured by a sniper seeking revenge on Team One partner Ed Lane (Hugh Dillon) in February, Jules Callaghan (Amy Jo Johnson) returns to the SRU on FLASHPOINT, this Friday, April 24 at 9 p.m. ET on CTV. Below are a number of facts revealing what Jules and the SRU team accomplished together before she was shot (from July 2008 – February 2009), as well as a glimpse of what it takes to make FLASHPOINT

FLASHPOINT – “Remote Control” – April 24 at 9 p.m. ET

Justin Fraser’s (Ryan Kennedy, SMALLVILLE) life couldn’t be better. He’s got a good job, a beautiful wife (Amanda LeBlanc, M.V.P.) and a baby on the way. His only problem: his brother Mike (James Gilbert, The Room) owes thousands to a vicious criminal gang. In an effort to save his brother’s life, Justin uses his brilliant technical skills to steal the money from the Internet bank where he works. When the gang’s demands escalate, the situation explodes and Justin finds himself holding hostages at gunpoint. It’s up to Parker (Enrico Colantoni) and Team One to unravel the web of deceit that’s forced a good man into a desperate effort to save everything he loves and stop him before he ruins his life forever.



April 20 2009 –  Networks rewriting rules for fall … As they prepare for their fall-scheduling meetings, network heads are once again rewriting the rules. CBS could schedule as many as two Canuck skeins this fall, and is eyeing one such show (perhaps "Flashpoint") in the Sunday 10 p.m. spot.



April 19 2009 – Q: I initially thought Flashpoint was set in Los Angeles. However, the past few episodes have had heavy snow on the ground. I understand if they want the city to be undetermined, but it seems an elite unit like that would only exist in a large metropolis. So where is it set? — A.C., e-mail A: Flashpoint is a co-production between CBS and a Canadian company and is set in Toronto.



April 18 2009 – Q: Why did Amy Jo Johnson leave "Flashpoint,” and will she be back? Bethany

A: She took a maternity leave from the Canadian-made CBS police drama; she and her fiance welcomed a daughter at the start of December. Should the show continue beyond its current season, it’s likely Johnson will be back, should she opt to return.



April 18 2009 – At 9, a two-hour "Dateline" averaged 7 million for NBC. "Flashpoint" drew 6.4 million for CBS. ABC's "Supernanny" charmed 4.6 million. Fox' "Prison Break" was the stop for 3.3 million.



April 14 2009 – CBS Continues as the Only Network Posting Across-the-Board Increases Over Last Year

FLASHPOINT was first in households (5.9/11), viewers (9.77m), adults 25-54 (2.7/08) and adults 18-49 (1.9/06). Compared to last week, FLASHPOINT was up +11% in households (from 5.3/09), +8% in adults 25-54 (from 2.5/07), +6% in adults 18-49 (from 1.8/06) and added +1.00m viewers (from 8.77m, +11%).




3. Flashpoint (CTV/CBS)

It’s not just national pride here. Do I like seeing a show about Canada, sounding like Canada, on TV? Of course. But the Canadiana is limited. It’s about the cops, their job, the impact.

The fact is, Flashpoint is a very different kind of cop show. Snipers have always been the cavalry that comes in in SWAT jackets and rifles and save the day. The life and emotions of these people have never really been dealt with on television. It’s a thrilling show to watch- it is a well produced cop show. But the strength actually lies within it’s cast- particularly Hugh Dillon, who has the ability to break hearts without saying a word. A strongly ACTED cop show is a rarity


And that’s it for this batch.

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