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The weekend

Scraped house in prepration for painting. Saturday was okay, but today was horrid, heat-wise, so I gave up when the sun came around the house, but hmm, think I still sunburned myself in shade. See, the white paint reflects back sun. Accumulated scratches from bushes, bruises and a few odds and ends I'm sure not what they are. Gah, hope this one patch is NOT poison ivy. Hate that.

Meanwhile, must wait several days for biopsy to see if tumor is malignant or benign. I took the dog to the vet and he had a bump on his head, which i was thinking, hmm, cyst. At first I thought, reaction to tick bite so gave it some time to subside but it didn't. He's got a lot of fur so it's not visible. Only found it with fingers. So, with heartworm tests, pathology stuff, my income tax refund, which just arrived, evaporated. Never fails./

Finished the book "Burn Unit: Saving Lives After the Flames" by Barbara Ravage, which is a fascinating non-fiction book on how burns are treated, and what happens during victim's time in burn wards, plus a nice section on the infamous Cocoanut Grove fire, which (as many disasters are prone to do) helped improve burn medicine.

And in opening up a can of chicken for the cat, sliced my finger open (and minimally did the thumb too, I discovered). Doesn't look like it needs stiches but gotta see when I last had a tetanus shot...But at least the cat ate the echicken. He's so finicky! Oh yes, don't shake finger to see if you got water off, cuz that just splatters blood all over the sink and wall. Ack.
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