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Flashpoint Articles #10: interviews, and CBS isn't picking it up?! or?? confused...

Well, first this snippet, which I hope is wrong...

May 01  2009 - CBS will see the returns of all three series of "CSI," "The Big Bang Theory," "How I Met Your Mother," "The Mentalist," "Ghost Whisperer," "NCIS," "Rules of Engagement," "Two and Half Men," and "Numb3rs." "Flashpoint" and "Harper's Island" won't be returning to the network. Meanwhile, the fates of "The New Adventures of Old Christine," "Gary Unmarried," "Without a Trace," "Eleventh Hour," and "The Unit."

WHAT?! Nooooooooooooooo..................... How am I going to watch Flashpoint???? Hopefully this is all speculation. I swear, any time I get hooked a show it gets cancelled or (if canadian) yanked from US schedule. 


Some twitter remarks today (May 1st)


nicolamoore: I see that Im in Flashpoint tonight at 9pm on CTV! Im the art teacher :-)


melissagrelo: Thanks to Flashpoint star Enrico Colantoni for dropping by CP24 Breakfast! ·





May 1 2009 -  Sorting through the blue bin of recycled shows

EXCERPT: Faring slightly better is Whistler (A, 10 p.m.), currently on its second lap around the TV block. The Canadian drama launched on CTV around the same time as The Best Years but the concept appears to hold up much better, if only for the spectacular mountain scenery.

At least there's a backstory. Whistler's first season spreads outward from the shocking murder of snowboard star Beck McKaye (David Paetkau, more recently of Flashpoint), which occurs in the first episode. Of course, all the characters are impressionable twentysomethings who sometimes make wrong choices - tonight, the young dude A.J. (Brendan Penny) spirals further downward into drug abuse - but the story faithfully returns to the murder mystery. Add in the hot-tub scenes and it's like Twin Peaks meets Melrose Place.



Contains exclusive photos from L.A. screening of WOLVERINE movie. Go to bottom of article for photo of Hugh Dillon.



May 1 2009 - Local actor guest stars in Flashpoint series

Calum Worthy's acting career is stormy these days -- in a good way.

Fresh from his success in Space channel's sci-fi series Stormworld, the Grade 12 Claremont Secondary School student is now appearing in Perfect Storm, tonight's episode of the CBS-TV series Flashpoint.

The local actor is guest starring as Billy, a student who brings a gun to school to wreak revenge against bullies who have pushed him over the edge.




May 1 2009 - • "Flashpoint," 9 p.m., CBS. Pushed too far by bullies, a boy brought a gun to school Now Sgt. Parker (Enrico Colantoni) has to talk him down.



April 30 2009 - Exclusive: Hugh Dillon Interview

EXCERPT: It takes a strong man to resist past temptations but that is what Hugh Dillon does on a daily basis.  Fifteen years ago Hugh Dillon was the lead singer of The Headstones the hottest and most successful band in Canada during the 1990's. … Hugh was known for his wild on stage behavior and his wiliness to give into the demons that accompany the rock star lifestyle.  Pushing through the dark times Dillon came out on top and is currently starring in Flashpoint the hottest crime drama on television. REST AT LINK ABOVE





Actor John Bregar posted on his blog - View the episode of Flashpoint I appear in on Friday May 1st at 9pm on CBS and CTV!



April 30 2009 - Fall TV cheat sheet: What's in? What's out?

Go ahead and bookmark this page now, because over the next few weeks, as the networks begin finalizing their fall schedules (starting with NBC on Monday), you're going to want to come back often as I update this list of the shows that are likeliest -- and unlikeliest -- to be renewed…..

Flashpoint: A long shot. Could continue airing in Canada


April 30 2009 – Season finale of Flashpoint will air May 15 on CBS.



April 30 2009 – Listen to podcast with Flashpoint and Copper’s Tassie Cameron on Q:

The Podcast for Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 (mp3 file - Cameron is up first)



April 30 2009 – Lights, Camera… Markham

A drama is unfolding at Bill Crothers Secondary, and it's going on prime-time television May 1.

While most schools emptied out classrooms and hallways during March break, the $32-million school that opened last fall on Main Street Unionville had snipers from an elite tactical squad called Strategic Response Unit roaming at large with an arsenal of explosives, tasers and submachine guns. There were lights, cameras and action - the whole shebang.

'very exciting'

"It was very exciting, I saw the whole script, but I was sworn to secrecy," Ross Virgo, spokesperson for the York Catholic District School Board, said of the CTV and CBS hit TV series Flashpoint, which shot its upcoming episode Perfect Storm at the school.




April 30 2009 – TV Blurs Borders

… The big Canadian networks may be in crisis, but their shows are becoming ever more suc­cessful. Until recently, Canadian shows rarely aired on American networks. A few years ago, that started to change. First, there were sales to American cable networks, then the CTV police procedural show Flashpoint sold to CBS which "simulcasts" the show with CTV on Friday nights. Since then, CTV's yet-to-air shows The Listener and The Bridge and Canwest's Copper have all been sold to American main networks.




April 29 2009 - The Soulvine: Television show critique

RELEVANT EXCERPT: Yes, I know “Southland” is not a reality show and is completely made up, but the producers are making up stuff about real men and women I’m paying with my real tax dollars to protect and serve me and whom I assume have been vetted against the personal baggage from which could spring such disturbing behavior as featured in that show. Why can’t the cops in CBS-TV’s “Flashpoint” or “Cold Case” be from the LAPD? I like those shows.



April 29, 2009 - U.S. eager to team up on Canadian shows, says TV screenwriter

The success of CTV's elite police unit drama Flashpoint has whet the American appetite for co-productions with Canadian partners, according to screenwriter and producer Tassie Cameron.

Like Flashpoint, CTV's co-production with CBS, Cameron's latest project Copper has been picked up by a U.S. network, in this case ABC. The upcoming drama follows a handful of rookie cops just starting out.

"Everybody down there is keen to expand their horizons and look into producing shows with Canadian networks because it's way more affordable for them.…They've just figured this out," Cameron said in an interview on Q, CBC Radio's cultural affairs show.

While shows like Due South and Degrassi: The Next Generation have been crossover hits, "Flashpoint's the first time where the two networks have gotten together and joined forces creatively," Cameron said.

"It's been a big success for CBS and I think the other networks are looking up and saying 'We want to do that too.'"

Flashpoint's success is due both to its storylines as well as the decision to invest in the show's look and feel, so it doesn't seem "Canadian," Cameron said.

"It was shot in 35 mm [film]. It was very rich colours. It was the very first show I'd ever worked on in Canada where we were allowed to have a police dog. You're never allowed to have a police dog, because it is expensive working with dogs," she said.

"They spent money on going through plate-glass windows. They spent money on the things that show up on the screen and I think that accounts for people watching it, [saying] 'This doesn't feel low-budget.'"




April 28 2009 - … If I had to separate them today, I’d guess The New Adventures of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried,  Without A Trace, and Eleventh Hour get renewed and The Unit, Cold Case and Worst Week get canceled, but Les Moonves keeps dodging my calls. The Friday shows (Flashpoint, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs)  all have low Indexes, but lower expectations (or costs) as well, they look safe.



April 28 2009 - Top TV Creators to Lead Banff Craft Series Workshops

TORONTO: The creators and executive producers of three high-profile series—Flashpoint, Hung and Intervention—have signed on to lead the Craft Series workshops at the Banff World Television Festival

The Craft Series, designed as a learning tool for producers, presents the ‘how to’ on series development, from concept to script to screen. Delegates will learn about new possibilities in co-production and presale deals, and future trends forecast for the industry. This year's participants include CTV/CBS' Flashpoint co-creators Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern with Christine Davis, the senior VP of drama series development for CBS Entertainment; Dmitry Lipkin, co-creator of HBO's brand-new series Hung with the senior VP of creative affairs of E1 Entertainment, Michael Rosenberg; and A&E's Intervention creator Sam Mettler with Colleen Conway, the director of nonfiction and alternative programming at A&E.




April 27 2009 - …At 9 p.m., CBS maintained its lead with a 1.6 for “Flashpoint,” followed by a 1.4 for ABC’s “20/20.” NBC was third with a 1.3 for “Dateline,” with Fox fourth at 1.2 for “Dollhouse” and the CW fifth with a 0.5 for a rerun of “America’s Next Top Model.”



April 24 2009 - Live viewing on decline due to DVR

….The popular shows that are watched live on the widest basis are those that skew older. Leading the way here is ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" (median age: 56), whose audience is 91.5% live. Also high on the list are a quartet of CBS crime dramas ("Cold Case," "Flashpoint," "Without a Trace" and "CSI: NY"), each of which derives roughly 90% of its aud from live viewing.




April 14 2009 – The familiar face of Enrico Colantoni

EXCERPT: Enrico Colantoni, 46, has one of those faces – you'll have seen him before, just won't know where. He was in Galaxy Quest, AI, Stigmata and TV shows from Veronica Mars to Just Shoot Me! Now he's had a hit with Canadian cop show Flashpoint, out on ITV DVD this week.

Q: Do you play a hard-as-nails maverick cop or a virtuous ‘white knight’ cop?
A: Sgt Gregory Parker really embodies what real policemen do: a concern for humanity. We watch so many TV shows and movies about jaded or corrupt policemen, we forget people join the police force to do good and they really care about that. My brother’s been a policeman for 30 years and you can see how he wears his scars, how he thinks and looks at people, because he’s seen things most human beings shouldn’t have to see.





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