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Star Trek, the new movie (*thar be spoilers!*)

Okay, MASSIVE spoiler ridden mini review/comments/blathering on the Star Trek movie below the cut. Click at your own risk!

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Is there a subtitle to the movie? I just call it Star Trek.

Anyway, I'm trying to think of what to tell a co-worker tomorrow. I can't spill spoilers, so I'm going to choose 'interesting' or 'different' as my vague comment.

But it's NOT the Star Trek we're accustomed to on TV. Why? cuz they blow up Vulcan, oblierate billions of people, kill Spock's mom, Kirk's dad, and well, it took me over half the film to go 'okay, I'm starting to warm up to Kirk, cuz he was, well, a jerk for a lot of the film. Amazingly, Spock was my favorite because we did see his growth, and whoa, Spock and Uhura???

If you watch this film as an alternate universe and don't sputter "but they didn't do that in the show!" you'll do fine, I think. It reminded me, SPX wise, of a cross between Babylon 5 and those shadow things and the action of Transformers (and you'll probably see a trailer for the second flick before Trek).

As a whumper, I went whoa... they beat the crap out of Kirk multiple times. Favorite scene was on Hoth, er, the ice planet with the critters chasing and trying to eat him.While Kirk was rather a jerk, getting himself beaten up and you didn't feel sorry for him (in the beginning of the flick - angry young man who has to work out his problems), it did lead the way to him maturing somewhat. I suppose the Kirk of the TV show had to grow up from something ;) but Chris Pine did a good job of patterning Kirk's mannerisms, except tugging on the shirt, cuz they have better uniforms now, and praise be, in the future, everybody is slim and fit and there's not a single love handle in sight! *snort*

Spock meanwhile, I think won the movie. Zachary Q was great in that role! And Leonard Nimoy as elder Spock was in it a lot more than I thought he'd be.

Ah, sigh, Paul McGillion from Stargate Atlantis in such a small role. Darn. I like Simon Pegg, but okay, for the life of me, when he started talking I went 'ohmygawd, he's doing oh, oh, that Scottish talk show host on late night CBS - excuse me while I go find a TV Guide - ah! Craig Ferguson! Tell me that he's NOT doing a Craig Ferguson imitation!

Chekov sorta grated on me with the accent but I did like him, and Sulu with his 'fencing' (as combat skills) sure did prove handy. And ohmygawd, who did NOT see it coming.... when Kirk, Sulu and oh, Connors, dove down toward the tower, I'm going "redshirt! redshirt! that guy is gonna die!!!" (well, in my head, I'd have been chucked out of the theater if I'd yelled that). Yup, and die he did, quick but gruesome.

Overall, I liked it, although it took a while to get used to NOT having a certain kind of music, and getting assaulted with all the fast and furious action. I definitely see a future in this franchise, and yeah, I'll shell out another $10 or wahtever to see itl. I decided to see a *gasp* nighttime showing because I figured, okay, no screaming kids (yes, there were none!) and maybe people wouldn't realize it was out yet (yeah, I got there and it was like, just me?? but the small theater filled up 3/4 which was decent).

So, thumbs up from me.

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