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Last of Exclusive Joe Flanigan (Jace Hall) Photos + NEW Stargate Interview!

The following is a brief interview  with Jace Hall, President of HD Films, Inc. and Executive Producer and host of The Jace Hall Show, an original web-based series that takes an irreverent look at Hollywood. He is also Executive Producer of the new "V" series from Warner Bros, which stars Morenna Baccarin of "Stargate SG-1." He talks about Joe Flanigan, as well as an upcoming new Stargate segment.

Now in its second season, the Jace Hall Show has attracted the attention of Stargate fans, particularly since Joe Flanigan of Stargate Atlantis appeared in their May 7th episode (viewable at http://jacehall.tv/, http://www.crackle.com/c/Jace_Hall, or http://www.hulu.com/jace-hall). But, the fun doesn't end there. Stargate Universe fans will have a unique treat when the show airs an upcoming segment with Brad Wright and a tour of the Stargate Universe set.


But first, a few questions about the awesome Joe Flanigan segment...


Q: Just how did you get Joe on your show, and how much do the guests contribute to these segments (as in ad-libbing, etc.)?


A: I met Joe while having drinks with Christopher Judge at a hotel in Vancouver. Joe happened to be at the hotel as well and came over to our table. I was like, “HEY! It’s John Sheppard!”

The guests contribute as much as they want to. There are no limitations. It’s a creative work session!


Q: Was that V: Visitors uniform just hanging around or how did it get into the plot?


A:  It was hanging around just where you saw it. It is part of my "V" collection. Since I am an Executive Producer on the new “V” TV series, I want to immerse myself in as much “V” stuff as possible.


Q: Lastly, if you look at the photo at http://twitpic.com/4nbx4, just why is there a paperclip on Joe's Visitor uniform sleeve? (Yes, fans studied that picture very carefully.) ;)  And did that pristine, original V uniform survive the run down the hall? Joe did return the uniform, right??


A: The Paperclip explanation is top secret. If I release that information I may be assassinated. So my official response is: “Paperclip? What Paperclip..?”

The pristine uniform is no longer pristine. That is because Flanigan doesn’t wear underpants and the V suit tends to “ride up” when running…

Joe was more than happy to return the uniform. Believe me… Now I don’t know what to do with it.



Perhaps even Joe doesn't know the true meaning of the paperclip.... or maybe the Visitor's uniform is, er, riding up...


Now onward to some questions about Stargate Universe and the upcoming segment...


Q: What can you tell us about what is on this video, without giving too much away, or giving us spoilers (we wouldn't want you vanishing into a blackhole as MGM/SciFi has a tight clamp on spoilers)?


A: The only hint about the episode I can say is that I point blank asked Brad Wright the tough questions and he answered them. One question I asked was why he cancelled Atlantis! His answer will make everything crystal clear.


Q: What impressions did you take away of the SGU sets and the actors?


A: Everything was VERY impressive. From  the cast to the physical sets. They were shooting while I was there and it was an honor to be allowed to be present. They really have outdone themselves. Very exciting stuff.


Q: Do you think you'll be revisiting the set once it's closer to air time in October?


A: October is really far in the future from my point of view. I will be happy to visit anytime Brad feels inclined to invite me. :)


Q: The above-mentioned twitpic of Joe Flanigan garnered over 8,000 hits, and it's very likely the Stargate Universe video will get a lot of hits as well. Are you surprised at this reaction from Stargate fandom?


A: No. Stargate RULEZ and I am a huge fan of it myself. I have seen every episode from every franchise. The 8,000 hits on the Flanigan picture was probably just me looking at it over and over again.


Q: Lastly, when should fans tune in for this Stargate Universe segment?


A: To be clear, it is not so much a Stargate UNIVERSE segment as it is a general Stargate segment. We discuss and explore all things Stargate so I don’t want to narrow the perception of the piece to just one area like that. I believe it “airs” on JaceHall.TV Thursday of next week. [Check out May 14th]




** Special thanks to Nic Aragon, producer/editor of the Jace Hall Show, for his assistance in this interview. You can follow his Twitter at https://twitter.com/NicAragon and Jace Hall at https://twitter.com/JaceHall.


So, tune into http://jacehall.tv/ this coming Thursday to see this segment.


Disclaimer: Feel free to link to this post but do not copy elsewhere. Do not hotlink and/or copy photo. Thanks! And, the interview was done on Friday, May 8.

Check LJ posts before this for the other two photos plus more Joe Flanigan/Jace Hall links.

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