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Stargate Atlantis takes Best Show win at 2009 Leo Awards

An excerpt from the VANCOUVER SUN 


on the 2009 Leo Awards by Stargate Atlantis!!

On the television side, Stargate Atlantis swept the top honours. In addition to capturing Best Program, the popular series also took Leos for best direction (Robert Cooper for the episode titled Vegas), best screenwriting (Alan McCullough for The Queen) and cinematography (Michael Blundell for Vegas).

“We did pretty good, we’re pretty happy with our showing,” said producer Brad Wright. “Our cast and our crew for Atlantis is among the best I’ve ever had an opportunity to work with. We were too flummoxed to say that on stage last night. We were shocked. We’re used to going to award shows and hearing other shows names being called. I guess last night was our night.”

Not only did Stargate Atlantis also win a slew of the technical awards, presented on Friday evening, but producers Brad Wright and Robert Cooper were honoured with an outstanding achievement award for the entire Stargate franchise.

Vancouver’s film and TV community has enjoyed tremendous benefits from this sci-fi monolith, which started (after the initial movie) with Stargate SG-1, includes two direct-to-DVD movies (Stargate SG-1: The Arc of Truth and Stargate Continuum) and carries on after Stargate Atlantis with the latest offshoot, a TV series titled Stargate Universe, which debuts in the autumn.

The icing on the cake for the Stargate team came in the feature-length category, as Stargate Continuum also captured Leos for Michael Shanks (lead actor) and Brad Wright (screenwriting).

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