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Complete list of Stargate Atlantis 2009 Leo Award Wins

2009 LEO AWARD WINNERS from http://www.leoawards.com/winners_by_program_2009.html


Stargate Atlantis (9)

Best Dramatic Series - Stargate Atlantis
Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, Brad Wright, Robert Cooper, Carl Binder, Martin Gero, Alan McCullough, John Smith - Producers

Best Direction in a Dramatic Series - Robert Cooper

Best Screenwriting in a Dramatic Series - Alan McCullough
”The Queen”

Best Cinematography in a Dramatic Series - Michael Blundell

Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Series - Mike Banas

Best Overall Sound in a Dramatic Series - Kelly Cole, Patrick Ramsay, Bill Mellow, Joe Watts, Hugo De Le Cerda, Kevin Belen
”Enemy at the Gate”

Best Sound Editing in a Dramatic Series - Steve Smith, Matthew Wilson, Kirby Jinnah, Jay Cheetham, Jason Mauza
 “Enemy at the Gate”

Best Costume Design in a Dramatic Series - Valerie Halverson
”The Queen”

Best Visual Effects in a Dramatic Series - Mark Savela, Shannon Gurney, Kodie MacKenzie, Viv Jim, Dan Weir
 “First Contact”


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