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The following are from the SciFi.Com press kit for the first six episodes of season 3. CONTAINS SPOILERS!

After their temporary alliance with the Wraith backfires, the Atlantis team must find a way to stop two Wraith hive ships that are headed for Earth. Weir orders Colonel Caldwell to attack the hive ships using the Daedalus and the Orion before she is ordered to return to Earth to account for her team's failures.

Sheppard who was able to survive by latching his F-302 to the hull of a Wraith ship, is forced to rely on a now ostracized Michael (Connor Trinneer) to help him save McKay and Ronon who are being held prisoner by the Wraith. Ronon and McKay are able to free themselves from their cocoon prisons with a plan to sabotage the ship in a last act of heroism.

All plans collide as the Daedalus and Orion engage the hive ships while Sheppard, McKay and Ronon are still aboard.

Having successfully used the Wraith retrovirus to turn an entire hive ship of Wraith into humans, the team returns to Atlantis with their prisoners in stasis. Meanwhile, Weir continues to defend her leadership in the face of an independent review being conducted by I.O.A. member Richard Woolsey (Robert Picardo).

Examining the hive ship that the team hijacked in an attempt to restore it to full working condition, McKay  determines that the Wraith prisoners cannot continue to be held in stasis indefinitely. The team decides the best thing to do is to set them free on a planet under the guise that they were exposed to a viral outbreak.

Sheppard and Dr. Beckett remain on the planet to manage the human-form Wraith, including a re-humanized Michael. But when they discover a Wraith ship approaching the planet, the team must act fast to keep the existence of Atlantis a secret.


Scouring the Atlantian database, Dr. Rodney McKay discovers a reference to an abandoned Ancient testing site. The team's investigation of the site uncovers a vast metropolis supporting millions of Ancients. Eager to create an alliance with such an advanced society, Weir is shocked when their leader Oberoth (David Ogden Stiers) refuses the offer.


Seeing no way to appeal to their humanity to help save the Pegasus Galaxy from the Wraith, Weir and the team head back to Atlantis. However, before they are able to leave, the team is ambushed and taken prisoner by Oberoth and his guards. They are then subjected to a mind probe by what they now discover are actually Replicators who have taken the form of Ancients.


Having created the Replicators as a weapon against the Wraith, the Ancients feared they were losing control of their creation. But the Ancients' attempts to destroy the Replicators failed. Now, the surviving Replicators are divided -- some wish to mimic their creators and seek ascension. Others, including Oberoth, want nothing more than the destruction of Atlantis as revenge for the Ancients' betrayal. Will the team be able to find a way to free themselves and stop the Replicators from reaching Atlantis?



Waking up in a psychiatric hospital outside Washington D.C., Dr. Elizabeth Weir is shocked to discover that her entire experience in Atlantis over the last two years was solely a figment of her imagination. Through the help of her psychiatrist Dr. Fletcher (Alan Ruck), she learns that a car accident that killed her fiance left her in a near catatonic state and suffering from delusional psychosis.


Forced to come to terms with this new reality, Weir is visited by her mother and General Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson), who assures her that he has never heard of a Stargate program, let alone the lost city of Atlantis. Yet as she starts to pick up the pieces of her life, she continues to have unsettling visions warning her that she must return to Atlantis.


Back on Atlantis, the team holds a vigil for the comatose Weir, who in reality has been infected by Replicator nanites that are quickly taking over her body and mind. Even with the medical expertise of Dr. Carson Beckett and the emotional support of Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, it is ultimately up to Dr. Weir to save herself and find a way back to the real world



While exploring a village, the team is suddenly attacked and taken prisoner. It turns out that Ronon had visited the planet before, and unknowingly lured the Wraith there. The Wraith then made a pact with the villagers: if they capture Ronon and contact them, the Wraith will spare the village from any future culling.


On Ronon's request, the villagers set Shepperd and Teyla free, who then quickly mobilize a strike force to return to the planet and to save him. Upon their return, however, the team finds the village devastated and Ronon taken.


Back in the hands of the wraith, Ronon is again implanted with a homing beacon and set free on his devastated home planet of Sateda, to once again be hunted by the Wraith. Ronon recalls the fall of his homeworld, where his wife and comrades were killed by the Wraith years ago. After the team determines Romon has been taken to Sateda, they race to the planet in hopes of rescuing him.



While looking for suitable Stargates to harvest for their new Intergalactic Bridge, the team comes across a small village with a revered leader. To their surprise the esteemed Lucius (Richard Kind) has an obnoxious manner and an utter lack of credibility.


On Lucius's request, Weir sends Dr. Beckett  to determine if any of his potions are worthy of trade. Though at first put off by Lucius's personality, Beckett soon becomes so enamored by his host that he disregards security protocol and brings him to Atlantis.


By the time Sheppard and McKay return from another Stargate harvesting mission, they find the entire base fallen for Lucius's unctuous charm. Believing foul play is at work, McKay discovers that Lucius is using some sort of pheromone to enchant those around him. It becomes clear that unless Sheppard can remove the now entrenched and protected Lucius from Atlantis, there will be no stopping his charming coup d'etat.

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