wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Stargate and MGM's Financial Woes

Relevant Stargate portion from MGM article on financial woes...

From Deadline Hollywood blog:

Everyone knows that Mary Parent has been holding the studio together with the equivalent of chicken wire: specifically by partnering with studios left and right because they are willing to front the costs of each production. She also has been making some of the slate with the money from UA's deal with Merrill Lynch. Whether this convinces auditors that MGM is really in the movie biz, plus what is supposedly happening on the TV side (Stargate, BBC mini-series, etc) remains to be seen. If not, then MGM could be declared technically insolvent. And all hell breaks loose.


You need to read the full blog entry, but if MGM goes under, I'd hate to see the Stargate franchise go down with it. Well, at least they're not in the automotive business...
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