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More on Joe Flanigan's AXN Chat - Video!

More on the Joe Flanigan AXN Chat on May 20th.


Google translation of text: Below find a minute of the PROM, which is next week Wednesday to announce Joe Flanigan chats. Ezt a spotot minden Csillagkapu és Csillagkapu: Atlantisz előtt és után láthatjátok 20-ig az AXN-en és az AXN SCI-FI-on. This is all the spots in the Star and Star: Atlantis before and after you see the 20-by-en AXN and AXN SCI-FI-on.

Okay, can't understand a word in the video except "Joe Flanigan" but hey, who cares? It's fun to watch, and maybe if we watch enough, we'll learn a word or two of Hungarian ;)

--thanks to lythisrose for the tip
Tags: joe flanigan, stargate atlantis, video
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