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Stargate Atlantis Movie: Rachel Luttrell interview


SciFiNow recently spoke with Rachel Luttrell, who played Teyla Emmagan on Stargate Atlantis, about the series and the upcoming direct-to-DVD release Stargate Extinction. While she was unable to definitively confirm anything regarding the production, she did share her suspicions about when the cast and crew may reunite to shoot the feature.

“There’s a rumour that it’ll start shooting in November,” said Luttrell in a telephone interview on Friday evening. “That once [Stargate] Universe is done with its season production then we’ll move into it, but none of that has been confirmed.” Production on the series is still in the embryonic stages however, with none of the cast aware of the plot yet or basic details. “You know what, I wish I could [tell you about Extinction], in fact it’s sad to say but you’ve actually revealed the title to me before I knew it,” the actress admitted. “We know nothing about it, and by we, I mean my fellow actors and I. We haven’t had an opportunity to read anything or to talk with our writers about it yet.”


I love how the studio keeps the actors informed.... *cough*
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